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The volcanic isles of Qi have long served as a haven from persecution, originally for the S'Kra refugees from the distant eastern continent where the dragon Eerayn nests, and then for Bards and others fleeing the tyranny of the Dragon Priests.


Compiled by GameMaster Godrich prior to September, 2007

Qi is an extensive province made up of islands. While the overall area is quite large, some 140,000 square miles, only about 50,000 is inhabitable. Because of the nature of the islands, they most likely have a higher percentage of urban population, deriving some large measure of their food supplies from trade. They are also likely to have a somewhat higher population density, or about 51 people per square mile.
Total Population -- 2,550,000
Rural -- 2,000,000
Urban -- 550,000
Ratha -- 150,000
Mer'Kresh -- 150,000
Surlaenis -- 150,000
Hara'jaal -- 3,000
Fever Point -- 1,000
Penal Colony - 600
Ruih -- 2,000 (unreleased town on Reshalia)
Unknown cities/towns/villages -- 93,400

Islands and cities


Reshalia Area Graphic

The largest island in Qi, Reshalia boasts the teeming city of Ratha, an equally impressive sight from the deck of an approaching ship or from the highest of its four tiers.


Aesry Surlaenis'a Area Graphic

Among its many spiritual treasures, Surlaenis harbors the only surviving enclave of the Ru'atin Peri'el, a sect of S'Kra women who sing ritual lullabies to keep sleeping evils from reawakening.


Taisgath Area Graphic

The isle of Taisgath, in contrast to the crowds and bustle of Qi's other islands, is a peaceful place where Moon Mages gather to study evening skies and books of knowledge.


Hara'Jaal Area Graphic

Travellers would do well to avoid the island of Hara'Jaal. A port inhabited and run by pirates, the most endearing thing about the place are the well crafted tattoos, but of course you have to survive long enough to get it and get out. Equally dangerous are the local wildlife including the dread Poli'ish which are rarely seen until they are within striking range and then of course its too late.


M'Riss Area Graphic

The island of M'Riss, originally settled by refugees fleeing the Human-Elven wars, was regarded as cursed by the S'Kra of Qi Reshalia and hence was uninhabited. Over the years, the settlers constructed one of the Wonders of the Islands, its capital city Mer'Kresh, rising from the shallow waters of the Torbis Sanhalas Bay. Famous for its Carillon and gardens, Mer'Kresh is a colorful and lively Elven-Human city. A casual visitor might never guess that its original S'Kra name was "Isle of the Damned."

Other major islands of Qi

There are 9 major islands in the Qi Archipelago. They are: