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Utility is one of the magic skills added in Dragonrealms 3.0 which governs your ability to cast spells and abilities that don't fit neatly into the other four spell skills such as Osrel Meraud, Moongate and Guardian Spirit. Many of the Ritual spells are utility based as well.

Empaths and Moon Mages in particular rely heavily upon the Utility class of spells.

See the Magic page for details on how to best train Utility.

Spells and abilities that boost Utility

Spells and abilities that decrease Utility

Abilities that train Utility

Barbarian Abilities

Barbarian Abilities
Avalanche (berserk)berserk+No buffs, Fatigue heal, PulsingHorde1
Dispel (meditation)meditationAttempts to remove all magic on self.Flame2
FamineberserkVitality heal, PulsingFlame2
Prediction (meditation)meditationWhen disabled (stun/immobilize/web/knockdown), you dive-roll out of the room.Predator3
StaunchmeditationStops all bleeding for a time.Predator2
Tsunami (berserk)berserkIncreases Balance and primary weapon stat of held weapon.Flame2
Wolverine FormformAdvancing speed boost.Predator1

Bard Abilities

Bard Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Albreda's Balm250AOE calm.cyclic1
Aura of Tongues0Understand but not speak other languages.standard1
Caress of the Sun0Dries you off and prevents weather from affecting you. Protects instruments and other items from damage.standard0
Eye of Kertigen80Periodically searches, with an enhanced perception to the search. Caster sees in dark rooms.cyclic2
Hodierna's Lilt10Vitality heal, Fatigue heal, Spirit healcyclic2
Nexus (spell)250+Mana level, More powerful when more people are in the room.standard2
Resonance80Enhances the top two physical damage stats of a weapon.standard2
Sanctuary250Prevents clairvoyance, creatures spawning and entering, hiding, and invisibility.cyclic2

Cleric Abilities

Cleric Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Aspects of the All-God10+Augmentation skill, +Debilitation skill, +Sorcery skill, +Targeted Magic skill, +Utility skill, +Warding skill, -Primary Magic skill, -Augmentation skill, -Debilitation skill, -Targeted Magic skill, -Utility skill, -Warding skill, Rapid alignment change. Nonstandard alignments.ritual2
Bitter FeastReplaces Eylhaar's Feast's addiction drawback with a short stun.metamagic1
Bless0+damage to undead/cursed. Ability to hit incorporeal.standard1
Divine Radiance10-Balance, Knock-down. Holy damage amplification. Light source.standard
Eylhaar's Feast80Spirit damage, Vitality heal, Attunement heal, Fatigue heal, Converts spirit health to attunement, vitality, or fatigue.battle2
Idon's Theft250Steal a spell from target allowing you to cast it.battle3
Mass Rejuvenation80Creates cloud that gradually restores memories to dead bodies in the area.standard1
Murrula's Flames250Self-resurrection provided it's cast before death.ritual2
Osrel Meraud250Creates an orb to store cleric buff spells.standard3
Rejuvenation10Restores the lost experience due to death.standard1
Resurrection80Brings a dead player back to life.cyclic1
Revelation80+Perception skill, Pulses to do a magical search that reveals names and allows you to POINT if you find their source.cyclic3
Shield of Light80+Shield Usage skill, Conjures a shieldbattle3
Uncurse10Dispels offensive spell, curse, or Death's Sting on target.battle1
Vigil10Spirit damage, Spirit heal, Equalizes the spirit health of two linked players.standard1

Empath Abilities

Empath Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Absolution80-Empathy skill, -Stamina (stat), allows Empath to attack the undead without shockritual2
Aesandry Darlaeth250+Reflex (stat), Balance heal, recovery from immobilization/webbingcyclic3
Awaken (spell)80-stuns/unconsciousnessbattle2
Blood Staunching10prevents blood lossstandard1
Circle of Sympathy80Creates a tree that allows Empaths to share attunementritual1
Cure Disease80Disease healstandard1
Embrace of the Vela'Tohr250Wound heal, allows Empath to heal remotely via a conjured vela'tohr plantritual2
Flush Poisons80Poison healstandard1
Fountain of Creation250Wound heal, heals all wounds/scarsstandard3
Guardian Spirit250summons combat "pet"cyclic2
Heal80Wound heal, periodically heals your worst woundsstandard3
Heal Scars0Wound heal, heals scarsstandard1
Heal Wounds0Wound healstandard1
Heart Link80Vitality damage, Vitality heal, Equalizes the vitality of two linked players, Slows bleeding, poison, disease.standard2
Innocence10forces target to disengage; prevents facing/advancingstandard1
Raise Power80+Mana level, Fatigue damage, self damage, life mana onlystandard2
Regenerate250Wound heal, gradually heals wounds/scarscyclic2
Vitality Healing10Vitality healstandard2

Moon Mage Abilities

Moon Mage Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Braun's Conjecture80Makes teleportation spells easier to cast, reduces the difficulty of using ALIGN Transmogrify and Split, reduces the roundtime of Predict State, removes the penalty for targeting specific skills with predictions.ritual2
Contingency80Triggered Teleportstandard3
Destiny Cipher10Increases potency of visions, removes sect preference penalty for divination tools, and increases tool bonding rate.ritual2
Distant Gaze80Scry on moonbeam (continuous), Project message through moonbeamstandard1
Focus Moonbeam0Create anchor for other spellsstandard0
Locate80Locate a PC or GMNPC.standard1
Moonblade80Creates temporary Small Edged weaponbattle1
Moongate80Creates a portal to your moonbeam.cyclic1
Piercing Gaze10"X-ray" visionstandard1
Read the Ripples250Add prophetic insight, bypass astrological observation timers, and bypass telescope checks for selected random constellations.ritual2
Refractive Field10instant (then pulsing) invisibilitystandard2
Rend10dispel 2 effects, self-cast or targetedbattle2
Riftal Summons400teleport PC to your locationstandard2
Seer's Sense80+Evasion skill, mental link to PCstandard2
Shadewatch Mirror250Creates a mirror that scries on a PC (continuous)standard1
Shadow Servant250living vaultstandard3
Shadowling80+Attunement pool, Attunement heal, Lunar magic users onlystandard2
Shift Moonbeam80moves moonbeamstandard2
Steps of Vuan80group pulsing invisibilitycyclic1
Tangled Fate10alters single prediction (stuns if more than one)standard2
Teleport10Teleport self to moonbeamstandard2
Thoughtcast80sends thought to target, connects to gweth networkstandard2
Unleash80prepares scroll spell with chance to not destroy itstandard1

Necromancer Abilities

Necromancer Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Call from Beyond80Makes a zombie!standard3
Consume Flesh80Wound heal, Destroy body parts of a corpse.standard2
Devour250Wound healstandard3
Eyes of the Blind10Pulsing self-invisibility.standard2
Necrotic Reconstruction80Wound heal, only heals corpses, zombies, or constructsstandard2
Quicken the Earth10Creates construct.standard2
Rite of Contrition80Reduces visible Divine Outrage. Removes Transcendental Necromancy spells while in effect.cyclic1
Rite of Forbearance80Reduced attunement when casting, freezes attunement regen, spells pierce integrity barrierscyclic1
Rite of Grace80Hides 1-7 Transcendental Necromancy buffs.cyclic1

Paladin Abilities

Paladin Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Alamhif's Gift250-death's sting or +soul pool (costs 1 favor)ritual1
Anti-Stun80+stun resistance/recoverybattle2
Banner of Truce80prevents combat in roomstandard2
Bond Armaments80bonds weapon/shield to handstandard2
Crusader's Challenge250+Tactics skill, taunt prevents retreating/fleeingbattle2
Divine Armor80+protection/absorption for armor and shieldstandard3
Hands of Justice10+theft detection/protectionstandard1
Holy Warrior (spell)250blesses held weapon, sometimes stuns attackercyclic2
Rutilor's Edge80+primary physical damage type/balance/power of held weaponbattle2
Truffenyi's Rally250Balance heal, dispels negative effects and some positive effectscyclic2
Vessel of Salvation10Vitality damage, Vitality heal, use own vitality to create vitality "battery" that others can usestandard2

Ranger Abilities

Ranger Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Awaken Forest250Spawn that fights alongside Ranger. High threat index (agro tank) with natural "plate" armor. Normal spawn will only fight living, when Plague Spawn (cast in city or with PLS) will only fight corp. undead.cyclic2
Bear Strength250+Stamina (stat), +Strength (stat), pulsing status protectioncyclic3
Blend80Pulsing self-invisibility.standard1
Compost0decays items on ground (does not boost life mana)standard0
Earth Meld10+Stealth skill, auto-hide effectstandard1
Memory of Nature250Maintain your ranger bonus while in non-wilderness areasritual2
Skein of Shadows80+Brigandine skill, +Chain Armor skill, +Light Armor skill, reduces stealth hindrancestandard2

Thief Abilities

Thief Abilities
Khri CalmTier 2Indiscriminate self dispel.Potency2
Khri CunningTier 3+Tactics skill, +Charisma (stat), pulsing anti-web/immobilizationFinesse3
Khri DampenTier 2Decrease stealth hindrance, anti-locate barrier, blocks huntSubtlety2
Khri EndureTier 3+Stamina (stat)Potency2
Khri EvanescenceTier 5Invisibility on receiving a sufficiently damaging strikeSubtlety2
Khri HastenTier 1Chance for a -1/-2 second reduction of roundtime for melee and thrown attacks, disarming traps, picking locks (creature boxes only), and removing/wearing armor in combatFinesse1
Khri SensingTier 3remote view of neighboring room, passive spot on hiddenSubtlety3
Khri ShadowstepTier 3decrease advance time while hidden, 0RT sneaking in townSubtlety2
Khri SilenceTier 2Pulsing invisibility.Subtlety2
Khri SlightTier 4Reduces chance of getting caught shoplifting (can reduce to zero)Finesse2
Khri VanishSpecialInstant invisibility and retreatSubtlety2

Trader Abilities

As of May, 2017 there are no Trader abilities that teach utility
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Noumena0Allows Starlight Aura regeneration under cloud cover or in daylight. Allows spells that use Starlight to be cast during inclement weather.standard1
Regalia80Creates crystal armorbattle2
Stellar Collector250Allows collection and storage of starlight energystandard2

Warrior Mage Abilities

Warrior Mage Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Air Bubble10breathe underwaterstandard1
Ethereal Fissure80+Mana level, Room-wide elemental only.standard2
Fortress of Ice250Creates a private room.standard3
Ignite10Adds fire damage proportional to the highest physical damage stat of the weaponstandard2
Rising Mists80+Stealth skill, obscures exitsstandard1
Zephyr10Fatigue healbattle2


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