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Mm thumb.jpgMoon Mage Guild

Focus Moonbeam
Abbreviation: FM
Prerequisites: Circle 2, Shadows
Signature: Yes
Spell Slots: 0
Mana Type: Lunar Magic
Spell Type: standard / utility
Difficulty: intro
Prep (min/max): 1 / 100
Skill Range (min/max): 0 / 400
Valid Spell Target: Special
Duration (min/max): 45 minutes / 210 minutes
Justice: This spell is legal to cast in Justice Zones.
Corruption: This spell does not cause Divine Outrage or some other form of Sorcerous Corruption.
Description: The Focus Moonbeam spell establishes an anchor point for your magic, which remains up to several hours even if you wander leagues away. It is used for spells such as Distant Gaze and Teleport. As the name implies, the spell must be cast on a specific moon that is above the horizon.
Effect: Create anchor for other spells
Example Messaging: Yavash:

You gesture.
A beam of ruby brilliance splits the sky as you focus a moonbeam from Yavash into the area.

You gesture.
A beam of clear silvery-blue light descends from the heavens as you focus a moonbeam from Xibar into the area.

You gesture.
An oozing pool of darkness collects at your feet as you focus a moonbeam from Katamba into the area.

Devices/Tattoos: No devices or tattoos documented.


  • Valid targets are Katamba, Xibar, and Yavash
  • This spell has no practical effect on its own, simply acting as an anchor for Distant Gaze, Teleport, Contingency and Moongate as well as a handful of other abilities.
  • Can only be cast outside or rooms where you can see outside.
  • Can only be created at your location unless using a Celestial Beacon enchantment.
  • May be moved by using the Shift Moonbeam spell.
  • The maximum duration is technically less than 210 minutes, since moons do not stay in the sky longer than 180 minutes at most.
  • A single focused moonbeam or all focused moonbeams may be unfocused using the RELEASE command: RELEASE MOONBEAM <moon>.

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