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Mm thumb.jpgMoon Mage Guild
Shift Moonbeam
Abbreviation: SM
Prerequisites: Focus Moonbeam and either Locate or Distant Gaze
Slot Cost: 2
Mana Type: Lunar Magic
Spell Type: standard / utility
Difficulty: intermediate
Prep (min/max): 15 / 100
Skill Range (min/max): 80 / 800
Valid Spell Target: Self
Duration (min/max): 2 minutes / 10 minutes
Description: The Shift Moonbeam spell allows you to move a focused moonbeam from a distance. Once cast you must gesture in the direction you want your moonbeam to move. If you don't have Distant Gaze cast on your moonbeam, though, you may be moving it blindly. If you locate a target prior to casting this spell, you can gesture at them from afar to send the beam directly to their location, though the range of this mechanism is limited.
Effect: moves moonbeam
Example Messaging: You gesture.

You suddenly feel more in touch with your moonbeam.


  • Allows you to move your moonbeam, which lets you bypass obstacles or dangerous areas.
  • There are two ways in which you can shift a moonbeam: direction and via locate.
  • Active effects tied to your moonbeam, such as Distant Gaze , will move with them. E.g. You can move opened moongates by shifting the moonbeam.
  • With enough Attunement skill, all magic users can sense when moonbeams move into or out of the room.

Direction shift

  • GESTURE <moon> <direction> lets you move your beam one room at a time.
  • You can also shift through portals such as gates, bridges, and even Moongates (including its own Moongate), although beams cannot be shifted to a fully indoors room.
  • Some rooms and obstacles, most notably certain swimming and climbing obstacles, cannot be bypassed this way either intentionally or due to mechanics limitations.
  • The range at which you can perform this style of shifting is determined by the amount of mana used, modified by skill. The following mana values are approximate and may be higher or lower depending on your skill.
Distance Mainland only Islands only Island to Mainland
0 zones 15 mana -
1 zone 15 mana -
2 zones 15 mana
3 zones 16 mana
4 zones 17 mana -
5 zones 18 mana -
6 zones 19 mana -
7 zones 19 mana -
8 zones 20 mana -
9 zones 21 mana -
10 zones 22 mana -
11 zones 23 mana -
12 zones 24 mana -

Locate shift

  • GESTURE <moon> <player> lets you shift to a person if they are in range and you have recently located them.
  • This feat requires an increasing minimum in Utility skill to be able to locate shift at increasing ranges.
  • Your target must be in a fully outdoors location that is not warded, and must remain in the same room they were located in.
  • Range is based on your location compared to your target's location. The location of your moonbeam has no bearing on being able to shift it via Locate.
  • Range is quite limited for this version of shifting. Celestial Beacons and the Astral Plane provide ways to set moonbeams farther away.
  • The following table lists the approximate amount of mana required to open a locate shift at a given distance in zones as determined by the zone map. Low skill may necessitate more mana needed.
Distance Minimum Skill Mainland only Islands only Island to Mainland
0 zones 100 15 mana  ? -
1 zone 100 15 mana  ? -
2 zones 400-750 15 mana  ? 16 Mana
3 zones  ? - - -

Locate shifting oddities

These are either shortcuts which extend the distance by which you can locate shift or barriers which reduce it.

  • Shortcut: Hibarnhvidar, Ilaya Taipa
  • Both the dock in Ilaya Taipa and the dock in the Himineldar just east of Hibarnvidar are in the same zone as Ain Ghazal.
  • Shortcut: Throne City
  • The dock just outside Throne City is in the same zone as Riverhaven.
  • Shortcut: Muspar'i
  • The docks on the Muspar'i side are in the same zone as Hvaral and Fornsted.
  • Shortcut: P5 Cleric Guild, Hag's Crag, Vela'tohr Wood, Rakash Village
  • These zones create a quick shortcut between P2 and P5 if you can find someone to Locate-shift to anywhere from Boar Clan north or west of Langenfirth.
  • Barrier: Road between Shard Ranger Guild and Gryphons
  • Just before arriving in gryphons from Shard there is actually a 2 zone break instead of the expected one zone making the apparent distance you can Locate shift shorter.
  • This barrier is there even if you and your target are right at the breakpoint and can peer at each other in the next room over.

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