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Description: A property used for the short effect of a spell.
Type: string

There are currently 557 items in this property, 98 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Abandoned Heart +Fatigue damage, Spirit damage, Area of Effect.  +
Absolution +-Empathy skill, -Stamina (stat), allows Empath to attack the undead without shock  +
Acid Splash +Puncture damage, Slice damage, Impact damage, Fire damage, Cold damage, Electrical damage, Random pair of damage types. Single-target.  +
Adaptive Curing +allows preemptive casting of Flush Poisons and Cure Disease; allows Heal to remain active even with no wounds  +
Aegis of Granite ++Shield Usage skill, +Stamina (stat), +Strength (stat)  +
Aesandry Darlaeth ++Reflex (stat), Balance heal, recovery from immobilization/webbing  +
Aesrela Everild +Impact damage, Fire damage, Pulsing single-target attack.  +
Aether Cloak +TM barrier and reflect.  +
Aether Spheres +fluff juggling item  +
Aether Wolves +-Attunement pool regeneration, Immobilizes  +
Aethereal Image +fluff illusion  +
Aethrolysis ++No buffs, -No debuffs, Cold damage, Electrical damage  +
Aggressive Stance ++Brawling skill, +Evasion skill  +
Air Blast +dries accumulated moisture  +
Air Bubble +breathe underwater  +
Air Lash +Puncture damage, Slice damage, Single target.  +
Alamhif's Gift +-death's sting or +soul pool (costs 1 favor)  +
Albreda's Balm +AOE calm.  +
Alkahest Edge +Vivisection damage becomes slicing + random element.  +
All-Presence +Unknown  +
Alloyage of Self +Unknown  +
Alm Shalka Albir +Creates boggle that will show your location to someone.  +
Ambush Choke +-Stamina (stat), Fatigue damage  +
Ambush Clout +Concentration damage, pulsing drain, causes loss of prepared spell  +
Ambush Ignite +Lowers armor value by damaging armor, or causes physical damage to unarmored body parts.  +
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