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Sorcery Backlash Rates · on 09/21/2016 10:47 AM CDT 448
I've made a few minor adjustments to Sorcery Backlash.

1) Higher tier spells have a lower base chance of backlash. These values were just too high post 3.2. 'nuff said.

2) The lowest tier of failure has been broadened somewhat (it was very narrow previously). This means that failures when operating within a reasonable challenge/skill match have a better chance of causing a more trivial penalty, but can still cause nastier penalties.

3) The worst tier of failure is slightly easier to achieve ( still really have to work at it to fail that badly).

Also, to clear up some misconceptions about how this whole deal works: The amount of mana you use doesn't matter. The conditions you cast under don't matter. It just checks the mana mix, the spell's inherent risk and your sorcery skill.

This may seem counter intuitive (And it is - the initial draft of the system I did years ago included most of those factors) but due to how difficulty is calculated if I factor those things in the system becomes vastly too punishing under non-ideal conditions. (Snap casting in particular could easily result in terrible terrible things happening to you, up to and including instant death).


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