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ESP 2.0 on 11/11/16 · on 11/10/2016 04:41 PM EST 1492
ESP 2.0 has exited QC thanks to the heroic efforts of Abasha and will be arriving in Prime and Platinum tomorrow (11/11) morning. Gwethdesuans are changing in some fundamental ways and gwethsmashers will go active again.

I've covered most of this in our preceeding conversations, but to go over some points again:

  1. When the new system is released, you will by default be without ESP. You will need WEAR, RUB, or TOUCH your gweth and spend a charge to reactive ESP (or cast Thoughtcast again).
  2. Things will be changed up quite a bit! Review the new ESP verb for channel listings and handling when it goes live.
  3. I'll be on for the entire day to take care of any bugs that pop up. If something looks wrong, let me know on the forums and I'll take a look.
  4. I will send an announcement to Prime prior to release, where I'll ask you to cease sending messages and release Thoughtcast if it's active for the duration of the release. This is just to make sure you don't send something while the system is mid-release and potentially cause wonkiness. There are quite a few moving parts! I will also announce when it's safe to use it again, which should be very shortly thereafter.

That's it for the short version. The full list of changes for tomorrow is below. Happy gwething.


  • Albredine rings (both kinds) are no longer necessary for group and personal messages, all functionality has been rolled into Gwethdesuans. Existing rings are effectively fluff items now.
  • Lantholite/Sjatmal/Waermodi/Lasmodi gwethdesuans have been discontinued. You may BREAK them to recover the chain.
  • Gwethdesuan stone type no longer matters. Jadeite and Kyanite gweths do the same thing, and only one is necessary for full functionality
  • Gwethsmashers are reactivated, but function differently (see GWETHSMASHER section).


  • While DragonRealms always had multiple channels of ESP, it was difficult to differentiate between them due to how gwethdesuans worked. With ESP 2.0 we have expanded the number of channels and made each one discrete. You may select any (or all, or none) to listen to, and you transmit on one at a time.
  • The following channels are available: General, Trade, Race, Guild, Local, Private, Personal.
  • General and Trade are global channels, transmitting to anyone in the game who has ESP on and is listening to the relevant channel.
  • Race and Guild are global, but locked to your race or guild. For example, a Necromancer who sends to the Guild channel will only be heard by other Necromancers who have ESP on and are listening to the Guild channel.
  • Local is limited to your nearby zones, using old fashion Kyanite range.
  • Private is your private group channel. These function based off your Telepathic Password. Private is global, but is only received by others who are listening to Private and have set exactly the same password as you have.
  • Personal flags whether or not you receive personal SENDs.


  • ESP - Your general purpose ESP manipulation command. Comes with the following commands
  • ESP CHANNELS - Shows available channels & your currently active channels.
  • ESP LISTEN - Sets which channels you are listening to.
  • ESP SEND - Sets which channel you are broadcasting to.
  • ESP PASSWORD - Sets your telepathic password for Private groups. Five minute cooldown per use.
  • ESP WHO - Lists everyone who is actively listening on your Private channel. Five minute cooldown per use.
  • THINK - Group channels usage. THINK <MSG> goes to your broadcast channel. THINK TO <PC> continues to work, but SEND is recommended for fewer mishaps.
  • PROJECT - Private channel usage. This is redundant with ESP SEND PRIVATE, but allows players to message their private group without flipping their send channel back and forth. This verb is also available even if you are gwethsmashed.
  • SEND - Personal channel usage. SEND <PC> <MSG> goes to that individual.


  • Gwethsmashers can be made again, using the same routine as before. We may adjust the timer in the future.
  • Gwethsmashers no longer destroy gwethdesuans.
  • Successful Gwethsmash will shut off the individual's capacity to THINK or SEND for 1 hour. It does not impact their ability to listen to channels or affect their gwethdesuan's state. It will also still allow individuals to PROJECT to the private channel.


  • Necromancers only risk SO for broadcasting on public channels, which are Trade, General, Race, and Local. Guild, Private, and Personal channels are SO-free. You are also now messaged if a broadcast causes SO.
  • Thoughtcast now works more elegantly with adding or removing gwethdesuans. There's no point in using a gwethdesuan /w Thoughtcast, as they do the same things (turning your ESP on), and it should no longer be possible to mix the two.
  • Thoughtcasting to an individual sends the message irrespective of their ESP state, and if they do not have ESP grants it to them for 60 seconds (in order to reply).

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This message was originally posted in Surviving in DragonRealms - Elanthia / Gwethdesuans, by DR-ARMIFER on the forums.