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Gwethdesuans (often abbreviated as gweths) are enchanting products worn upon the head that allow one to communicate telepathically in game. Essentially, wearing a gwethdesuan provides the wearer with extrasensory perception (ESP). "Gwethdesuan" is Gamgweth for "long speech."

With the exception of certain Estate Holder LTB purchases, all gwethdesuan's have limited charges which are consumed on activation. Activation can be achieved by wearing, rubbing, or touching your gweth. Gwethdesuans can be deactivated by removing them.

Types of Gwethdesuans

You may choose between jadeite, kyanite and waermodi gwethdesuans. All three types function identically. The choice is strictly cosmetic and you should only wear one gweth.


The telepathic network has a number of different channels that you can listen in on. You can find out which channels you are currently listening to using ESP CHANNELS.

Channel Description
General Global channel for general chit-chat.
Trade Global channel for financial transactions.
Guild Conversations with other members of your guild.
Race Conversations with other members of your race.
Local Conversations shared among those in your nearby geographical location.
Private Conversations shared among those who have the same telepathic password.
Personal Listening for messages directed specifically toward you (with the SEND command).


  1. Activate your gwethdesuan or CAST the Thoughtcast spell
    • You should only wear one gweth and can choose either jadeite or kyanite
    • Gweths can be activated using WEAR, RUB, or TOUCH
    • You only need to activate your gweth once, and it will remain active until the gweth is removed or you die
  2. Use the ESP command to LISTEN to various channels (see Gwethdesuan#Channels)
    • ESP LISTEN GENERAL will toggle on/off listening to the General channel
    • ESP CHANNELS will display which channels you are currently listening to
  3. Set your broadcast channel using ESP SEND GENERAL (or Trade, Race, etc as appropriate)
  4. THINK <MESSAGE> to share your thought with all others listening on the broadcast channel
    • THINK will direct your thoughts to your last set ESP SEND channel

Private channels

It is possible to direct thoughts to a private group using PROJECT. Note that you must first use ESP PASSWORD <CHANNEL NAME> to create or join the private channel; the password is the channel name. You can check who is in your current private channel at anytime using ESP WHO.


Personal channel

It is possible to direct thoughts to a single person using SEND. The receiving person must also have telepathy (by wearing a gwethdesuan or casting Thoughtcast) and be listening to the Personal channel to receive your message.


IC vs OOC Thoughts

Since DragonRealms places a greater emphasis on role-playing than many other online games, it is expected as a matter of game policy that gweth messages remain in character at all times.

You can be REPORTed for blatant out-of-character speech over the gweth just as you may be reported for OOC behavior in any other public activity within the game. Gweth thoughts that blur the line may not be an actionable violation of policy but might nonetheless draw the attention of someone with a Gwethsmasher.

See Out of Character and OOC Euphemisms.

Nonverbal Content in Thoughts

There is some debate about what can actually be conveyed via gwethdesuan. Purists will often limit this to words, since the actual gweth messaging is, "Your mind hears so-and-so thinking." Other players, including some GMs, expand that to include other human sounds, such as laughter. However, most role-players regard attempts to convey facial expressions (such as smirking) or actions (such as hugging) as inappropriate for gwethdesuans, since you cannot hear such things.

The safest approach is to include only text that a person would normally speak out loud. (Emoticons/emoji and netspeak are arguably OOC, not only because they are too modern, but because they are not normally included in natural speech.)


Gwethdesuans are created through the artificing discipline of enchanting.


  • Two gweth stones of the same type, either jadeite, kyanite or waermodi.
  • Ju'ladan oil
  • A chain purchased from a jewelry shop — silver is conventional
  • Enchanter's burin, brazier, augmenting loop, and means of imbuement
  • Induction and ascension sigils


  3. Proceed with normal enchanting process


  • There are some areas in the game where Gweth reception and transmission is blocked, for example inside the Crossing bank, rooms with guild leaders, or festival grounds.
  • The type of metal in the chain has no bearing on the gweth's functionality.
  • The current "ESP 2.0" system was introduced in Prime on November 11, 2016.[1]


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