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When properly prepared, kyanite is used to make kyanite gwethdesuans.

Alteration Properties

This is a hard mineral that typically comes in blue with white streaks, but can also be green, white, grey, or black. It has a pearly, translucent lustre and is somewhat brittle. It is used for gwethdesuans because of its inherent magical properties.

Cannot be used in alterations.


ItemSource isRare item
Item:Kyanite gwethdesuanGiant thicket viperMoon Mage enchantmentsSquat Bungalow (1)false
Kyanite gwethdesuanGiant thicket viperSquat Bungalow (1)Moon Mage enchantingfalse
Kyanite stoneMuseum of Imperial Historytrue
Miniature Vatari figurine wielding an eye-searing signtrue
Silver crown adorned with broken jadeite and kyanite stonesHollow Eve Festival 414 Auctiontrue


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