Ruins of Ulf'Hara

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The Ruins of Ulf'Hara Quest is a Simutronics-run paid quest that was announced in March 2016. A variation of this event was run, with an expanded loot table, in July 2017 as the Return to the Keep event.


Quest Gifts

For Entering the Instance

For Helping Zukir

TIP: You can ASK ZUKIR ABOUT HELP to dedicate yourself to the effort, even when you're not there!


Incidental Loot

See Ruins of Ulf'Hara/Incidental_loot.

End Loot

  • Completing a TASK adds one task credit to a per-account pool.
  • You can use multiple summons build task credits for the treasure you like.
  • You can READ the painted sign in the treasure room to find out your current credits.
  • Spent task credits will be subtracted from your pool.
  • Task credits cannot be transferred to other accounts.
  • Each tier requires slightly fewer credits in the Platinum instance (so 2/5/8/18).

See Ruins of Ulf'Hara/End loot for prizes and prices.



You see Lord Zukir Dyth Sanyu Blarstil of Zoluren, a Human Paladin.
He has piercing hazel eyes. His liberally grey-streaked russet hair is worn tied back with a leather cord. He has a deformed left ear with a scar running from his temple to left shoulder.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a polished steel helm, a deep azure cloak bearing the crest of the Zoluren, a sable leather harness, some polished ceremonial steel full plate chased with silversteel gladiolus scrollwork, a crisp white linen shirt, a cambrinth armband, a heavy steel heraldic shield emblazoned with a stylized mother-of-pearl gladiolus, some polished steel gauntlets with articulated steel knuckles, a wide silver ring bearing the crest of Zoluren, a dark silk sash embroidered with the crest of Zoluren, an albredine crystal ring, some black buckskin pants and some heavy black leather boots clasped with silver buckles.


  • Ulf'Hara: Zukir mumbles something under his breath then exclaims, "It's where you're standing, you daft fool!"
  • Ughtensgard: Lord Zukir mutters, "Who calls it that? That's what it was called in the history tomes. It's been Ulf'Hara Keep as long as I've been alive." He winces as he gazes towards the rubble and adds, "The ruins of Ulf'Hara Keep, now."
  • supplies: Zukir glances at the nearby supply wagon and those gathered about it. Some unload crates and barrels while others open them and disperse their contents into sacks. "They assemble them. Each contains food, torches and more to support the activities taking place inside. If you're in need of supplies, ask for them."
  • escorts: Guardsman, folks of the Middens and even other adventurers such as yourself have gone into the ruins and not come back out. The problem with bringing in inexperienced individuals is they don't know what to do when things go awry! Don't be one of them fools!"
  • mercenaries: Lord Zukir remarks, "Needed at times, I suppose. Although I find good, honest guard-work more rewarding for myself."
  • guards: Lord Zukir says, "I started as one. I was proud of my work, too. It's why I'm back now, to serve Zoluren again in a time of need."
  • Grishnok: Zukir scrunches his face into a scowl and stares at you.
  • Zoluren: Zukir impatiently scowls. "You're here, in it. Look around. Its value is high and worthy of the utmost protection and sacrifice."
  • Therengia: Zukir simply states, "The Baron is a good man who maintains a confident loyalty in his people."
  • Ilithi: Zukir replies, "I hear the city is nice, but I wouldn't know."
  • Qi: Zukir scowls. "Nothin' but Traders and Pirates...if there is a difference."
  • Forfedhdar: Zukir grunts. "That General Bazrid, he knows his stuff."
  • Outcasts: Lord Zukir tugs at his deformed ear and scowls.
  • Jomay: Lord Zukir just stares at you, his left hand absently moving to his malformed left ear and along the scar that runs the length of his face.
  • Necromancers: Zukir's eyes narrow as he focuses on you. "What about them? You have something to confess, Gnome? I can summon High Priestess Tallis."
  • Cdaisa: Zukir responds, "I'm very happy with my beloved, thank you. Not that it's any of your business! Get back to work! More Elpalzi are coming!"
  • thieves: With a sharp look in your direction, Zukir grunts, "I routed the vermin and good riddance to 'em!"
  • Elpalzi: "Prince Vorclaf was a kind and fair man," Zukir says. "He gave them land and a place of their own, and they live peacefully for the most part. It's a shame these young hooligans of Alret's don't appreciate what they have. It seems that feeling that someone owes you something can be a very powerful driving force." He shifts his gaze over the ruins and sighs.
  • Alret: "Prince Vorclaf was a kind and fair man," Zukir says. "He gave them land and a place of their own, and they live peacefully for the most part. It's a shame these young hooligans of Alret's don't appreciate what they have. It seems that feeling that someone owes you something can be a very powerful driving force." He shifts his gaze over the ruins and sighs.
  • Arilana: With pride and emotion, Zukir says, "May the Immortals bless Her Highness for the rest of her days. She's done her best to keep the province running and Prince Belirendrick safe, despite what the naysayers spew."
  • Vorclaf: With profound sadness, Zukir says, "Never will we see a better man in our time."
  • Belirendrick: Lord Zukir sternly responds, "That would be His Highness, Prince Belirendrick to you. Grown into a fine young gentleman, so much like his father."
  • Inavia: A hint of pride and amusement plays across Zukir's features as he says, "A bit of a spitfire and beautiful like her mother. Reminds one of her grandfather."

Lost Adventurer

The lost adventurers can either be default NPCs or players who ask to help Zukir.

Default adventurers wear the following:

  • He/She is wearing standard guardsmen clothing -- a cloak, armor, a sheath and worn boots. A crest of the local authorities adorns some items, but otherwise nothing particularly stands out in the attire.

Adventurers based on volunteer PCs wear the following:

  • He/She is wearing typical adventurer attire -- a mix of utilitarian armor and weaponry with minimal embellishments along with a smattering of jewelry and loose clothing tucked on, in and around the armor.


  • Elpalzi: Doroth says, "They've been menacing Zoluren for decades. First with Lord Sorrow, and now they're back with Alret and his goons. They're the ones who destroyed this Keep. They've been making moves on the old Fort Motte ruins, even trying to restore it, but Zukir will see to it that they don't keep it."
  • undead: She sighs. "Many died in the explosion -- prisoners in the dungeons, friends and family of the royal family, servants and so many more. Now, many of them have risen up in undeath, no doubt the handiwork of some necromancer or another. It's just another wound the Elpalzi have inflicted on Zoluren."
  • bandits: She shakes her head and says, "The Middens is a rough place to live. People scrounge for enough scraps of food just to see another day. Many valuables and treasures of Zoluren are still buried amid the rubble. A piece of jewelry worn by the royals could change the life of any one of these louts, and so they swarm in, seeking anything they can find."
  • task: Doroth gazes at you, confused. "I sure hope you know your way around, because I'm in no condition to be leading myself."
  • Zukir: Doroth rubs at her head and says, "He sent me in to complete a mission, like you, but there weren't enough of us. My team was overwhelmed, and I barely escaped. I know not what happened to my friends, or where I am. In my haste to get away, I must have whacked my head...or THEY did. It smarts, and it's hard to think straight."