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Devotion represents the Clerics' direct connection to the gods. It primarily powers Communes and is sustained by Cleric Rituals. Devotion slowly drifts to a neutral level over time, therefore a Cleric must perform rituals regularly in order to remain favored by the gods. Current devotion level can be checked by using the COMMUNE command.

Spells such as Benediction, Shield of Light, Resurrection and Murrula's Flames are affected by devotional state; some may even be disrupted if the Cleric's faith is wavering.

According to Esuin, the Crossing Cleric Guildleader

Esuin's face becomes alight with ardor for his vocation as he begins to explain, "The term Devotion as we call it among our order is a personal measure of how dedicated you are to your gods and, in kind, how favorably They regard you. It is essentially what allows us to be the primary conduit between the gods and the mortals. Learn the myriad sacred rituals and weave them into your very life, Hrufstaan.

A Cleric who is pure of spirit has the ability to invoke the power and wisdom of the gods through Devotion, but as Clerics are mere mortals, all power must be absorbed and channeled through us. Being that we ourselves are imperfect, much of the divinity is repelled and lost before the Cleric can even use it. Never forget the simple fact that mortals are mortals, and gods are gods.

On the other hand, if you engage in practices which the gods themselves have forbidden -- such as graverobbing, necromancy or otherwise aiding the undead --, you will find the divine deaf to your pleas, and even your own magic will wilt without the lifeblood that is faith. To be rid of this profane state and become ritually Clean once again, a Cleric must employ the more dedicated rituals."

Devotion levels

  1. You feel unclean and unworthy.
  2. You close your eyes and start to concentrate. In a moment a vision appears of a barren garden, parched and thirsting for nourishment. You have an intense desire to tend it.
  3. You call out to your god, but there is no answer.
  4. After a moment, you sense that your god is barely aware of you.
  5. After a moment, you sense that your efforts have not gone unnoticed.
  6. After a moment, you sense a distinct link between you and your god.
  7. After a moment, you sense that your god is aware of your devotion.
  8. After a moment, you sense that your god knows your name.
  9. After a moment, you sense that your god is pleased with your devotion
  10. After a moment, you see a vision of your god, though the visage is cloudy and impossible to make out clearly.
  11. After a moment, you sense a slight pressure on your shoulder, leaving the feeling that your efforts have been acknowledged.
  12. After a moment, you see a silent vision of your god, radiating forth with a powerful divine brilliance.
  13. After a moment, you see a vision of your god who calls to you by name, "Come here, my child, and I will show you things of wonder."
  14. After a moment, you see a vision of your god who calls to you by name, "My child, though you may not always see my face, I am pleased with thee and thy efforts."
  15. After a moment, you see a crystal-clear vision of your god who speaks slowly and deliberately, "Your unwavering faith and devotion pleases me greatly, <Name>. Go forth and continue your works and you shall only attain a greater level of purity."
  16. After a moment, you feel a clear presence like a warm blanket covering you beneath the shade of a giant Sana'ati tree.

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