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Magic 3.2 Change Log
This change log encapsulates all changes for Magic 3.2.


Mana and Attunement Cost

  • Mana will now recover at a linear rate. This removes the need to keep your mana pool as low as possible to maximize your recovery which should open up greater tactical options. This makes it far more practical to keep a reserve of mana for when you need it.
  • The percentage of mana you recovered with each pulse is no longer dependent on skill set placement and Attunement skill. Attunement continues to drive the size of your mana pool, so it will still result in more absolute mana recovered per pulse but it will not decrease the time to recover your entire pool.
  • Debilitation and TM spells have had their mana costs drastically altered (These are generally reductions, the exceptions are complex or AoE spells). Backlash rates for these spells have also been reduced. This is to support the more frequent casting these spells demand.
  • Mana costs, difficulty and backlash rates have been re-balanced and standardized for all spells. Additionally we've added a 5th 'tier' of spell difficulty.
  • Slightly increased starting mana pool for Primary and Secondary casters.
  • New Ability: PERCEIVE MANA. This was a player request for a cleaner way to just view the local mana. Available for all guilds (Though Moon Mages already had access to a variant.)

Spell Classification and Difficulty

Old Tier New Tier
Intro Intro
Basic Basic
Advanced Intermediate
Esoteric Advanced
N/A Esoteric
  • At this time there are very few Esoteric spells. This change is intended to create support for future growth and expansion.
  • New TM type: Armor Piercing. This template does slightly lower base damage (Similar to DFA) but ignores a large percentage of armor.
  • New TM type: Heavy TM. This type of spell does more damage than a normal TM spell but has a significant cool down before it can be recast.

Spell Recognition

No magical feats are required to recognize spells that you have learned.

Recognition of spells you don't know requires the appropriate magical feat(s) as well as Arcana skill. There is now an increased granularity of results when recognizing other spells. Depending on success level, you may see the spell name, realm (mana type), and/or spell type.

Basic Spell Recognition gives normal casters a chance to recognize all spells except arcane. Necromancers with this feat may recognize all spells except holy.

Advanced Spell Recognition removes the realm limitations from Basic Spell Recognition and provides a bonus to detection.

When hidden/invisible you will automatically attempt to hide your spell preps regardless of your PREPARE /HIDE setting. Arcana skill is the major skill for both hiding and detecting preparations (modified by (Stealth skill/Perception skill. Legerdemain is much more effective. Observers may learn Arcana every few minutes by detecting a stealthy prep.

Sample Messaging (for Gauge Flow)

  • Complete success (spells you know): You recognize the familiar mnemonics of the Gauge Flow spell.
  • Complete success (spells you don't know): You decipher the telltale signs of the Gauge Flow spell.
  • Partial success: You decipher the signs of an Arcane utility spell.
  • Complete failure: You are unable to decipher anything about the spell.

Both Analogous Patterns (perfectly legal) and necromancy (illegal) are described as "Arcane," so a partial success on such spells is not, by itself, a reliable indication of necromancy.

Note: for partial recognition of targeted and debilitation spells, the period is replaced by an exclamation mark: You decipher the signs of an Holy targeted spell!


  • Many AoE or otherwise complex TM/Debilitation spells have had their slot costs reduced.
  • AoE TM damage increased to be on par with single target TM spells.
  • Fixed a bug with cyclic cooldown timer. Should properly be 30 seconds now. (This is already on the live servers).
  • Sphere of Influence has been removed for all buffs, debuffs and classes. It was not fulfilling the role we had envisioned when it was implemented in Magic 3.0.
  • A bug with TM damage caps was found and fixed. It is now capped with the same logic that applies to other ranged weapon attacks. This will increase the potential max damage of TM attacks.
  • Spell Library: For Magic 3.2's release the timer and cost (in Lirums) of forgetting spells from the Spell Library was temporarily removed.

Guilds and Specific Spells

Analogous Patterns



  • Courage: Cleaned up messaging when cast on others.
  • Holy Warrior: Now uses both the Warding and Utility skills.
  • Smite Horde: Reduced to 1 slot. Weighted damage towards slice.


  • Vigor: Slots increased from 1 to 2. Allow casting on other players.
  • Nissa's Binding: Slots reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Flush Poisons: Fixed bug preventing use when fully shocked and overly penalizing shocked Empaths.
  • Cure Disease: Fixed bug preventing use when fully shocked and overly penalizing shocked Empaths.
  • Heart Link: Slots reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Tranquility: Slots reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Raise Power: Increased to medium duration, changed to a non-battle area spell.
  • Aesandry Darlaeth: Fixed flag falsely indicating this spell could be group cast. Fixed bug that was not removing all web types.
  • Awaken: Fixed bug flagging this spell as both utility and warding spell, it is now correctly just a warding spell.
  • Guardian Spirit: Fixed bug mixing up the chain and plate armor templates.


  • Spell Wipe: All Ranger spells will be cleared on first login after Magic 3.2's release for Rangers due to the extensive restructuring of the spellbooks.
  • System Rewrite: Environmental Efficacy. This replaces the old terrain modifiers that Ranger magic was subject too. The inputs remain the same (wilderness good, urban bad) but the conditions will determine how efficiently your mana is used. You can think of this as having somewhat different levels of room mana available to you depending on the environment (Remember that Empaths also use Life Mana and are not subject to this system, for good and for ill.) This does not currently apply to mana supplied from Cambrinth or Harness. (The old system minorly adjusted spell difficulty instead.)
  • Animal Abilities Spellbook: All spells have been extensively rewritten. In most cases this will show up as revised messaging and more consistent handling of refresh casting and casting on others.
  • Nature Manipulation|/Wilderness Survival Spellbooks: All spells have seen some minor clean up, mostly cosmetic to messaging, spell descriptions and so forth.
  • See the Wind: Reduced to Intro difficulty. Now enables Dual Load.
  • Instinct: Reduced to Basic difficulty.
  • Cheetah Swiftness: Removed Utility as secondary skill. Preq changed to Claws of the Cougar.
  • Bear Strength: Increased to 3 slots. Secondary skill changed from Warding to Utility. Preq changed to Grizzly Claws.
  • Grizzly Claws: Reduced wilderness restriction.
  • Sense of the Tiger: The stripes are back. Name corrected to Senses of the Tiger.
  • Claws of the Cougar: Entirely rewritten. Now gives +brawling, functional brawling claws to those who do not already have them and RT reduction to melee attacks (like Hasten or Wildfire).
  • Branch Break: Renamed "Deadfall". Preq changed to Eagle's Cry. Reduced wilderness restriction.
  • Harawep's Bonds: Reduced to 2 slots. Reduced to Basic difficulty.
  • Carrion Call: Weighted damage towards fire. Preq changed to Eagle's Cry. Reduced to Basic difficulty. Decreased damage penalty due to wound seeking behavior.
  • Stampede: Weighted damage towards impact. Preq changed to Eagle's Cry. Increased to Basic difficulty. May now be targeted and hit any body part. New messaging.
  • Awaken Forest: Increased to Advanced difficulty (Equivalent to the old Esoteric).
  • Devolve: Preq changed to Deadfall or Harawep's Bonds. Potency penalty due to targeting top stats slightly reduced.
  • Swarm: Reduced to 2 slots. May now use Carrion Call as a preq.
  • Devitalize: Increased to 2 slots. Preq changed to Carrion Call or Stampede. Increased to Intermediate difficulty. Weighted damage towards cold. Now does additional fatigue damage.
  • Curse of the Wilds: Changed from damage reduction to accuracy reduction. Now hinders missile defense as well as melee defense. Now uses generic defensive debuffs instead of specific skill debuffs on players. Changed to Magic vs Fort.
  • Hands of Lirisa: Dual Load is now triggered by See the Wind. Reduced to Basic difficulty.
  • Earth Meld: Reduced to 1 slot. Wolf Scent removed as preq. Reduced to Basic difficulty. May now be cast while hidden. RT for auto-hide reduced. Reduced wilderness restriction.
  • Forestwalker's Boon: Instinct removed as preq.
  • Skein of Shadows: Preq changed to Earth Meld.
  • New Spell: Oath of the Firstborn [OATH]. This is a two slot intermediate spell that requires Hands of Lirisa and provides a melee weapon boost similar to the old Claws of the Cougar functionality.
  • Memory of Nature: Rewritten. Two slot advanced ritual spell in the Wilderness Survival spellbook that requires 40th circle and either Forestwalker's Boon or Blend. Now castable on others for a reduced effect. Increased effectiveness overall, though it is capped at the level of wilderness found at the time of the initial casting. A small wooden casket is for sale in the Crossing Artificer as a ritual focus for Wilderness Survival.

Warrior Mage

  • System Rewrite: Elemental Efficacy. When casting elemental spells a number of environmental conditions will be checked to determine how favorable the conditions are to that particular element, which will in turn control how efficiently your mana is used. You can think of this as having somewhat different levels of room mana available to you depending on the spellbook you're using, though the under the hood mechanics are rather different than that description. This does not currently apply to mana supplied from Cambrinth or Harness. (The old system minorly adjusted spell difficulty based on much simpler environmental conditions.)
  • New Ability: PERCEIVE ELEMENTS. This lets you evaluate the local environmental conditions to determine how favorable or unfavorable they are to a particular element.
  • New Spell: Frost Scythe [FRS]. This is a two slot armor piercing TM spell that requires Ice Patch or Frostbite.
  • Ethereal Fissure: Removed Augmentation as secondary skill. Non-battle AoE.
  • Tingle: Dropped items now use the at feet slot.
  • Electrostatic Eddy: Reduced to 2 slots.
  • Chain Lightning: Reduced to intermediate difficulty, reduced to 1 slot, preqs changed to Gar Zeng or Lightning Bolt and 10th circle. Rewrote messaging. Weighted damage towards electrical.
  • Gar Zeng: Weighted damage towards electrical.
  • Dragon's Breath: No longer uses Utility skill as secondary skill. Now acts as a Heavy TM spell (with increased duration and cooldown).
  • Fire Rain: Weighted damage towards fire.
  • Frostbite: Reduced to 2 slots.
  • Rimefang: Weighted damage towards slice. Lowered potency threshold to recover two blades at once.
  • Tremor: Reduced to 2 slots.
  • Magnetic Ballista: No longer uses Utility skill. Reduced mana cost to reload.
  • Stone Strike: Messaging updated. Weighted damage towards puncture.
  • Zephyr: Increased to 2 slots.
  • Air Lash: Weighted damage towards slice.
  • Shockwave: Reduced to 2 slots, changed to air based damage messaging. The mechanical damage types did not change.
  • Thunderclap: Reduced to 2 slots.
  • Blufmor Garaen: No longer uses Utility skill as secondary skill. Weighted damage towards physical component.


  • System Rewrite: Elemental Efficacy. This system which Warrior Mages use for all their spell casting also applies to spells in the Elemental Invocations spellbook. When casting elemental spells a number of environmental conditions will be checked to determine how favorable the conditions are to that particular element, which will in turn control how efficiently your mana is used. You can think of this as having somewhat different levels of room mana available to you depending on the Elemental Invocations spell you're using, though the under the hood mechanics are rather different than that description. This does not currently apply to mana supplied from Cambrinth or Harness.
  • New Ability: PERCEIVE ELEMENTS. This lets you evaluate the local environmental conditions to determine how favorable or unfavorable they are to a particular element.
  • Cyclic cooldown timer reduced to 10 seconds for Bards only.
  • Aether Wolves: Reduced to 1 slot. Swapped with Glythtide's Joy in preq tree.
  • Glythtide's Joy: Swapped with Aether Wolves in preq tree.
  • Abandoned Heart: Reduced to 3 slots.
  • Damaris' Lullaby: Reduced to 2 slots.
  • Misdirection: Reduced to 2 slots.
  • Demrris' Resolve: Reduced to 2 slots.
  • Naming of Tears: Removed Glythtide's Joy as a preq.
  • Phoenix's Pyre: Reduced to 2 slots. Weighted damage towards fire (when Will of Winter is not in place).
  • New Spell: Beckon the Naga. This is a Heavy TM equivalent that deals its damage in an unusual way. It requires 70th level, Blessing of the Fae and Breath of Storms.

Moon Mage

  • Mental Blast: Reduced to 3 slots. Dropped items now use the at feet slot. Nerve damage now stacks.
  • Telekinetic Storm: Reduced to 1 slot.
  • Mind Shout: Reduced to 3 slots. Removed remote casting, removed Focus Moonbeam as a preq, revamped messaging, added nerve damage. Shares the Heavy TM timer (though it uses debilitation skill/mastery instead.)
  • Shadows: Restored missing postroom string.
  • Moonblade: May now be refreshed with mismatched moons at reduced effectiveness. Refreshing moonblades can now rebuild EMMO nodes. Warding/Unwarding can now be done without knowledge of SHMO. EMMO nodes may now be changed without knowledge of SHMO.
  • Dinazen Olkar: Installed messaging Easter Egg.
  • Shift Moonbeam: Changed to utility skill for determining maximum shift distance when locating the target. Revamped distance calculations for directional shifting to conform to recent updates to teleportation spells.
  • Shadowling: Reduced to 2 slots. Non-battle AoE.
  • Partial Displacement: Converted to armor piercing template. Increased to 2 slots.
  • Starlight Sphere: Reduced mana cost.
  • Invocation of the Spheres: Removed utility skill.
  • Sever Thread: Reduced to 2 slots.
  • Sovereign Destiny: Updated to remove invoked Shadowlings, Read the Ripples, Braun's Conjecture, Destiny Cipher and observational pools.



Q - Why can't I choose <spell>?
A - The requirements for many spells changed. Be sure to ASK your guildleader about the spell to be sure you meet the requirements.
Additionally, the following spells are currently on preview. This means you can't choose to learn the spell at this time, but will have access to cast it if you are a member of that guild until the preview ends.
The preview for these spells ended on 8/7/2016. If you wish you continue using these spells you will need to visit your Guildleader, with the exception of Beckon the Naga which can only be found on scrolls.
Q - Why am I learning Arcana randomly?
A - Due to the Spell Recognition Overhaul, you can now passively learn Arcana by recognizing the spell casts of others. See more at the top of the page.
Q - I'm having to spend more mana than before to get Sorcery moving.
A - The difficulties of many spells changed with this update. Spells that were made easier to cast will therefore train Sorcery less per cast at the same mana from pre-3.2.
Q - I'm backlashing Sorcery a lot more now, did the risk increase?
A - The chance to backlash itself was not adjusted. However, many spells had their difficulty adjusted and more difficult spells for you will potentially backlash more, so you may want to try another spell. It is also recommended that you DO NOT use a symbiosis with Sorcery casts, as the difficulty is increased a great deal. [1] [2]
Q - My spell scroll became unreadable.
A - Ring of Blessings was removed from the game. If your spell scroll was for this, then that is normal.
Q - I keep running out of mana.
A - The GameMasters are still looking at the results of the mana changes, and may make adjustments. However, you may want to examine your spell casting methods and use more cambrinth or HARNESS more mana in smaller chunks while casting spells.
Q - How did Sphere of Influence (SOI) change?
A - The SOI concept was found to not be working out as the GameMasters had hopped. SOI no longer applies to spells and abilities.
This means all spells and abilities are capped at 20% of your skill or stat, or 10% for crafting skill buffs. Archived posts here and here.
There is still a hard minimum cap of 10 ranks to a skill or 2 points to a stat regardless of the strength of the ability, the skill or stat of the target. There is no hard upper cap to buff strength.
Q - My spell had a higher casting cap before 3.2, does that mean it's weaker now?
A - No, spells were scaled accordingly. In other words, you're getting the same spell power for less mana cost.
For example, if you were using Guardian Spirit before 3.2 it had a minimum of 5 mana and a maximum of 40 mana. Post 3.2, this is now a minimum of 5 mana and a maximum of 25 mana. At the top end, you would have the same spell power at 25 mana now in 3.2 as you did before. The mana ranges in the middle have shifted, but the spell power still scales from minimum to maximum in the same way.
Q - My spell had a higher difficulty before 3.2, does that mean it's weaker now?
A - No. Although some spells were made easier to cast, this does not mean that the spell power was adjusted. Any spell that had its effects adjusted should be directly noted as such in the change log.
Q - Deep Attunement was reduced. What's it like now?
A - You recover 2.5% of your mana Attunement every pulse, +0.25% more with Deep Attunement (A 10% passive buff). [3]
Q - I'm having mana Attunement issues in some rooms. I feel like I get lower mana recovery than before.
A - Mana recovery is now linear. Room mana impacts spell casting to a greater percentage now than it did before. When casting spells, the amount of mana available in the room determines how much of your mana Attunement is lost. The speed and amount your Attunement recovers by is not impacted by room mana.
"Mana level in the room has never impacted recovery, it just impacts the rate at which you spend mana." [4]


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