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Meeting Halls and Meeting Towers are buildings found in major Elanthian cities. Rooms can be rented for eight anlas (four hours) by standing outside the room you wish to rent and RENT <room portal>. While one person rents the room, more than 1 person must occupy the room within 30 minutes for the original room holder to maintain control of the room.

Once rented, the tower attendant will give you the following information:

You hand over your coins, and a serene Elothean nods. "All right, the room is yours for the next eight anlas (four hours). Make sure you don't abuse the privilege of the room, or you may be removed from it early. If you finish your meeting early, CLEAN the podium to free it up for the next person. You can STUDY the podium inside for more options."

Once in your room, when you STUDY the podium, you see the following information:

You carefully study the podium and see:
You have the meeting room for another <number>' roisaen.
The meeting room is not silenced. To change this, PULL the podium.
The meeting room has the lights turned up, meaning that everyone can see the face of everyone else.
To change this, PUSH the podium.
The meeting room is open to the public. To change this, TAP the podium.

Since you are renting the room, you can REMOVE {person} to kick a disruptive person out of the meeting.
You can also INVITE {person} to let someone into a private meeting.
You can also TURN podium TO {PERSON} to turn the meeting over to them.


Meeting Halls & Meeting Towers can be found in the following locations: