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Stealth is a new skill in DR 3.0 skill which includes both of the now obsolete Hiding and Stalking skills. Actions which previously trained Hiding or Stalking or were governed by one of these two skills now fall under Stealth instead.

Spells and abilities that boost Stealth

Spells and abilities that decrease Stealth

Hiding & Stalking

The Stealth skill is a measure of how well you can find a hiding place without being noticed, stay hidden, and move while hidden. It is affected by your wounds, armor type, combat status, and Discipline. It is contested against Perception.

Training Stealth

There are various methods to learn Stealth. Initially, depending on the type of armor you chose it may be very difficult to learn hiding against creatures you hunt. Alternatives to hiding in combat include hiding with non-violent creatures in the room (shadowlings, horses, etc) and hiding in the same room as an NPC such as the Journeyman outside the Ranger's guild in The Crossing.

When training hiding in combat you will find it easier to slip into hiding with creatures that are not facing you. Once a creature begins to engage you the difficulty in hiding will raise the closer the creature gets to you.

While once true that only survival prime guilds had a reasonable chance at hiding at melee with a creature, this has now been opened to all guilds again. Non survival prime guilds no longer have an extra punishing hiding requirement to make this attempt.

There are various combat maneuvers that can be attempted which will also help in the training of hiding. These maneuvers include snipe, ambush and poach. Each creature has a diminishing return on it which means that after a certain number of successful attempts at hiding you will begin to gain less experience.

Hide Roundtimes

Effective Ranks Roundtime
60 5 seconds
120 4 seconds
180 3 seconds
240 2 seconds (Survival Primary only)

Stealth Ranks Required

Name Location Ranks Required to Hide
journeyman Wilds, Pine Needle Path 100

Usable verbs

Certain commands can be used from hiding that will either not bring you from hiding or produce a different result.

Stealth is also trained by advancing on a critter while in hiding. Their ability to see you (and thus point you out) is based on their perception skill vs. your stalking. Significant bonuses are applied to the critter as you get closer during combat.

The STALK command uses your stealth skill to try to follow a target without being seen. This trains the stealth skill, as well.

Stalk Roundtimes

Effective Ranks Roundtime
0 6
40 5
80 4
120 3
160 2


When facing a target:


You are convinced that your stalking went unobserved.
You move into position to stalk a silver leucro when it moves.
Roundtime: 2 sec.

When not facing a target:

> stalk leucro

You are convinced that your stalking went unobserved.
You move into position to stalk a silver leucro when it moves.
Roundtime: 2 sec.

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