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The ESP command allows interaction with other players through the "thought network". This command was created as part of the ESP 2.0 updates[1].

To use the ESP command a player character must wear either a Waermodi, Jadeite or Kyanite gwethdesuan or cast Thoughtcast.


Sending a thought

To send a thought to a global channel:

    • You must use ESP SEND to change channels if you wish to send to another global channel.

To send a thought to a private channel (your password):

    • You must have first used ESP PASSWORD to join a private channel. The password is the private channel name.

To send a thought to an individual:



  • ESP: Your general purpose ESP manipulation command. Comes with a number of other commands.
ESP controls your ability to listen and send to the various ESP channels in the game.  To use ESP, you must first have a source of telepathy, either a gwethdesuan or the Thoughtcast spell.

ESP has the following options:
ESP CHANNELS lists available channels and your current status.
ESP LISTEN <channel> toggles whether a specific channel can be heard.
ESP PASSWORD <password> sets your telepathic password for the Private channel (once every five minutes).
ESP SEND <channel> sets which channel you will send messages to.
ESP WHO lists all active listeners to your private channel (once every five minutes).

You may listen to as many channels as you like, but can only transmit to one at a time.  You will automatically listen to the channel you're set to send to, and stop sending to any channel you turn off.  Passwords may be up to fifteen characters long.

Also see the following commands: THINK (for general message sending), PROJECT (for sending to the private channeL), and SEND (for sending to individuals).
  • ESP CHANNELS: Shows available channels & your currently active channels.
>esp channels
The following channels are available to you.
Bold channels are currently active.

General  - Global channel for general chit-chat.
Trade    - Global channel for financial transactions.
Guild    - Conversations with other members of your guild.
Race     - Conversations with other members of your race.
Local    - Conversations shared among those in your nearby geographical location.
Private  - Conversations shared among those who have the same telepathic password.
Personal - Listening for messages directed specifically toward you (with the SEND command).
  • ESP LISTEN: Sets which channels you are listening to.
>esp listen general
With a moment of focus, you open your mind to the General channel.
  • ESP SEND: Sets which channel you are broadcasting to.
>esp send general
You prepare to project your thoughts into the General channel.
  • ESP PASSWORD: Joins a private group (five minute cooldown per use).
>esp password supersecretchat
You decide to make "supersecretchat" your telepathic password.
  • ESP WHO - Lists everyone who is actively listening on your Private channel. Five minute cooldown per use.
>esp who
You stretch your mind outward, making subtle contact with the minds that share your telepathic password.
You sense <player>.
You sense <self>.
You sense no other minds.


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