Advanced Anatomy

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Advanced Anatomy
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Fang Cove
Map Ranik's Map 150
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Anatomy shops, Empath shops, Container shops, Miscellaneous shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Advanced Anatomy, Atrium]
Sparsely decoated, the area seems to be surrounded by stacks of jars with questionable contents and numerous papers and broken quills. The wafting smell of something rancid left out too long stirs through the air.
You also see a paper bin with several things on it, a long shelf with several things on it, a specialty section with a couple of things on it, a set of hooks with several things on it and an exit flap.
Obvious exits: east.

On the paper bin
Item Price Done
Piranha anatomy chart 34,276   No
Blacktip Shark anatomy chart 34,276   No
Heggarangi Boar anatomy chart 32,472   !!
Warcat anatomy chart 32,472   No
Bawdy Swain anatomy chart 30,668   No
Swamp Troll anatomy chart 30,668   No
Rhoat Moda anatomy chart 28,864   No
River Sprite anatomy chart 28,864   No
Black Goblin anatomy chart 27,060   No
Granite Gargoyle anatomy chart 27,060   No
On the long shelf
Item Price Done
worn leather compendium bound with a bit of braided twine 1,082   !!
ornate silken compendium batiked with abstract imagery 2,886   !!
simple compendium with a blackened silver clasp 902   !!
doeskin compendium with worn edges 1,172   !!
horsehide compendium painted with stylized warriors 1,127   !!
viperskin compendium clasped by a snake skull 2,706   !!
The compendiums for sale here will hold twenty charts total.
On the specialty section
Item Price Done
Xala'shar anatomy chart 94,710   No
Elpalzi anatomy chart 94,710   !!
On the hooks
Item Price Done
Sluagh anatomy chart 23,452   No
Wood Troll anatomy chart 23,452   !!
Kashika Serpent anatomy chart 21,648   No
Blue-belly Crocodile anatomy chart 21,648   No
Prereni anatomy chart 19,844   
Vela'tohr Bloodvine anatomy chart 19,844   No
Moss Mey anatomy chart 18,040   No
Fire Maiden anatomy chart 18,040   

[Advanced Anatomy, Addendum]
Sparse furniture dots the area, providing threadbare seating those those that wish to sit in the dusty room. Fanciful renditions of hybrid creatures are painted everywhere.
You also see a chart rack with several things on it, some hooks with several things on it and a stack of paper with several things on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On the chart rack
Item Price Done
Boggle anatomy chart 8,118   !!
Cougar anatomy chart 8,118   !!
Kelpie anatomy chart 7,216   !!
Trollkin anatomy chart 7,216   !!
Glutinous Lipopod anatomy chart 6,314   !!
Blood Nyad anatomy chart 6,314   !!
Blood Dryad anatomy chart 5,412   !!
Equine anatomy chart 5,412   !!
Striped Badger anatomy chart 4,510   !!
Grass Eel anatomy chart 4,510   !!
On the hooks
Item Price Done
Wild Boar anatomy chart 2,706   !!
Brocket Deer anatomy chart 2,706   !!
Scavenger Goblin anatomy chart 2,706   !!
Croff Pothanit anatomy chart 1,804   !!
Heggarangi Frog anatomy chart 1,804   !!
Rat anatomy chart 1,804   !!
On the paper
Item Price Done
Bison anatomy chart 16,236   !!
Sun Vulture anatomy chart 16,236   !!
Dusk Ogre anatomy chart 14,432   !!
Young Ogre anatomy chart 14,432   No
Copperhead Viper anatomy chart 12,628   !!
Malodorous Bucca anatomy chart 12,628   No
Boobrie anatomy chart 10,824   !!
Thunder Ram anatomy chart 10,824   No