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About the Event

We're Throwing a Celebration!

Fang Cove's favorite trivia-dispensing cart pusher, the Bacon Man, is having a birthday, and the Estate Holder Council is sparing no expense to put on a good show for him! Starting Friday, May 13th and running through Sunday, May 29th, they're lining up merchants, games, raffles, events and more!

...there'll be PIG CATCHING and PRIZES!


Do note that these are the core events, and that much more will be going on than is listed here. To stay up to date, be sure to keep a check on the forums, Twitter and Facebook!

  • Festival at Fang Cove: Friday, May 13th - Sunday, May 29th
  • Dispenser Raffles at Fang Cove*: Sunday May 22nd - Sunday, May 29th
  • Token Auction at Fang Cove*: Sunday, May 29th
* Final location for the raffles and auctions is tentative, and may change. Stay tuned!

Wait, wait...go back. You said PIG CATCHING?

That's right! During the month (maybe not opening day!), we're introducing another new pet! Bacon Man's pigs are loose on the farm, and this is your chance to sneak one home for yourself! You can dress them up with a variety of clothing or even jewelry, show off their intelligence by training them to perform a variety of tricks, or just have them trot around after you all day!

How to Join

Our Estate Holders (Premium subscribers) who already frequent Fang Cove can visit the fest any time they wish. The normal meeting portals will be open all month long for the celebrations, and you can find the nearest one by checking PREMIUM 3.

For our non-Premium players, we'll be making available a "Premium-for-a-day" item that you can use to unlock MOST in-game Premium benefits, including access to Premium areas and systems such as Fang Cove, hunting areas, verbs, housing and more!

These items will NOT grant LTB points, access to extra characters, discounts via the website or other out-of-game Premium subscription benefits. For our free-to-play players, they do not unlock normal subscriber benefits such as exp, treasure, or removing travel restrictions. They will grant access to the event and many other in-game verbs and systems, however.

SimuCoin Item

There will be some games and activities that require a SimuCoins Store purchase. Throughout the month, we'll have Grooba coins available in the store in packages of 1, 10, 25, and 50 so you that you can share and play as much as you want! Grooba Coins function like Duskruin Bloodscrip -- it exists as an item you can sell/trade/gift until you REDEEM it. Once redeemed, however, it will show in your TICKET list and be used at special merchants or events. Grooba Coins cannot be converted BACK to a tradeable item once you redeem them!

Here's some of what you can spend Grooba Coins on:

  • Premium-for-a-day pass for our non-Premium players (including F2P).
  • Bribe the farmer for a chance to find a pig of your own.
  • Raffle tickets from the dispensers (unlimited).
  • Token for the auction (ONE per account, more info coming!)
  • ...maybe more! Stay tuned!

On 5/29/2016 following the Bacon Man's Birthday Bash 419 Auction‎ it was announced in game that Grooba Coins would not be used anywhere else following the event.
System Announcement: Greetings, folks. For those of you asking about the sanowret crystals: They will be available around the game in the coming days, no matter what province you are in. Keep an eye towards the forums and the login banner for more info when they're ready. They will NOT be out tonight because we need to update the tracking from auction winners / not to determine who gets them. Thanks for your patience, and we hope you had a great time! Be sure to use any remaining Grooba Coins you have, as they won't be used elsewhere after this event!


Thorkim 2016.jpg

Genie Map

Thorkim Family Farm map (genie).png



  • See instructions below before editing this table.
  • Please check shop inventory before confirming if inventory is accurate/complete or adding the festival to the individual shop page.
  • Bolded shops have one or items that are new or have updated stats. (Do not bold if it's just old inventory priced in a new currency.)
  • More shops may be added. Add to list when needed.
Room Entrance Shop Name Inventory Restrictions Shop
1 colorful stand Threads of Color embroidery needle and thread Yes No
1 small battered yurt Feleah Family Crafts Yes Yes
1 silver-threaded tent Marnie's Elegance In Wire Yes No
3 smooth-sided wagon No Guts, No Gory organ-themed items, weapons Yes No
4 simple leather tent The Traveling Cook cookware; cookable food Yes Yes
4 series of sandalwood caravans Owirvald Auction Company auction hall Yes Yes
5 flower-print tent Nidia's Floral Arrangements custom floral jewelry Yes No
5 tall wooden wagon From Top to Bottom shoes; hats Yes No
7 bronze-clad caravan with a gear-shaped door Dwarven Deals Dwarven clothing, weapons, and accessories Yes Yes
8 billowing silvery silk tent with a glimmering silver sign on it A Silver Tent Yes No
8 heavy hide tent The Heavy Hammer tattoos Dwarves* Yes Yes
9 airy canopy of brightly-colored silk Salamii's Towel Bazaar towels Yes Yes
10 opulent velvet tent trimmed with golden tassels Goods for Life Yes No
11 deep crimson yurt Gersvinda's Natural Studies Anatomy charts and compendiums Empaths Yes No
12 airy white pavilion The Foraging Emporium herb containers that stack herbs by type Yes Yes
13 colorful canvas tent Albrhae's Adornments Prydaen clothing and accessories Prydaen* Yes Yes
14 mottled tent Packrat's Paradise containers Yes No
15 shaggy fur tent Twansic's Tent Prydaen accessories and armor Prydaen* Yes Yes
16 smoke-filled archway Burning Embers Barbarian chakrel jewelry Yes Yes
17 colorful wagon strewn with ribbons and large bows Auntie Phanie's Phancies clothing; jewelry; containers Yes Yes
18 cedar wagon marked with three narrow rays Graimairo Wares Prydaen items, including Eu's promise crystals Yes No
19 simple tent Ties for Things toolstraps; crafting belts; Kaldaran alteration fodder Yes Yes
20 modest canvas tent displaying a compass rose on a flag Merit Badges soulstone items and pilgrim's badges Yes Yes
20 long caravan of wagons The Refined Lady color-themed dresses, gowns, shoes, and jewelry Yes Yes
21 pigsty Sophisticated Swine Pig clothing Yes No
21 dull brown tent Thaumaturgic Things Bard/music-themed cambrinth Yes Yes
22 oak-framed glass caravan Tildi's Flowers flower baskets, haircombs, hair-worn flowers/herbs Yes No
22 large canvas tent Smells and Tails pet squirrels and skunks (for homes) Yes Yes
23 blue covered wagon with red tents protruding from its sides Gashpa's Gathered Goodies funny accessories for homes Yes No
23 white latticework gazebo Grooming Gazebo vanity cases; grooming kits; towels Yes Yes
75 Farmer Thorkim Thorkim Family Farm, Barnyard pig chalk; potency crystals; infusion stones; titles; pig hunting maze entrance Yes No

*This restriction does not apply to every room in the shop. (Some rooms are open to everyone.)

Additional Items of Interest

In addition to the shops and games found on the grounds, there are items to pick as well as free foods.

[Thorkim Family Farm, Corn Field]
Green stalks of corn stretch in some semblance of rows, though many of the plants are growing at odd angles as though animals have forced their way through the thick foliage. The ground is littered with corn cobs, most of which are bare of their kernels. You also see a LARGE notice, a hay wagon and a heavy wooden table with several things on it.
Obvious paths: south, northwest.

  • This is the first room on the festival grounds when you arrive from taking the hay wagon.
On a wooden table
Item Price Done
a large tray of country-style bacon pot pies oozing with wild mushroom gravy 0   
a glass tray of bite-sized stuffed peppers wrapped in streaky bacon and skewered on little sword-shaped sticks 0   
a silver tray stacked with thick strips of smoked bristleback bacon bathed in malt liqour 0   
a platter of chicken-fried bacon served with a silky cream gravy for dipping 0   
a basket of buttery brioche buns stuffed with juicy pulled pork and crispy bacon drenched in spicy barbeque sauce 0   
a rounded platter of succulent bacon-wrapped turkey legs lavishly basted with honeyed mead 0   
an oval plate of mesquite-barbequed prime rib and country bacon sandwiches topped with golden sauteed onions 0   
a rectangular tray of large bacon-stuffed clams sprinkled with bright red hot sauce 0   
a platter of deep-fried pork belly kabobs encased in layers of streaky bacon 0   
a glass tray of bacon-wrapped wild hog sausages served on buns topped with grilled onions and peppers 0   
a wooden platter of baked pork chops filled with bacon cornbread stuffing and covered in creamy pancetta gravy 0   
an assortment of individual crocks of hearty baked macaroni and cheese with crumbled bacon crusts 0   

Along the northern rooms of the festival grounds apples can be picked from the trees in various rooms, while along the southern rooms, ears of corn can be picked.

On various trees and stalks
Item Price Done
ear of corn 0   
apple 0   

Pig Maze

To enter the pig maze, ASK THORKIM ABOUT COIN twice while having at least one Grooba coin. You can check TICKETS to see how many coins you have.

Finding a Pig

While in the maze, you can find a pig. Each room will message that a pig waddles in a direction OR that they are waddling around the area. Generally, you will want to explore each room in an area until you find the one with the message to search. To find a pig, SEARCH after seeing the following message.

You notice a muddy piglet waddling around the area.
  • SEARCH (success): You search around the area and find a burly saddleback peccary! The saddleback peccary scampers toward you and oinks happily, quickly deciding you're its new owner. As you reach for the peccary, it scurries into a soft woven sack with a golden piglet charm, which is the peccary's home. You pick them both up, claiming your new pet.
  • SEARCH (failure): You search around the area and find a muddy piglet, but it squeals and bolts away!

Random Treasure






bacon-patterned collar with a tiny frying pan charm
reddish-brown and ivory striped sash that resembles an oversized bacon strip
tiny top hat wrapped with a bacon-patterned ribbon





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