Shard Theater Faire 419

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Shard's Shard Theater Faire 419 is a free event outside the city of Shard held in 2016.

  • Prime: 1 Skullcleaver 419 - (April 22 - April 27)


You can receive one of the following items from box of gifts covered in glitter of all colors, selection is random and are periodically restocked:

pair of oval reading glasses with glittering gold frames
sleek purpleheart pen topped with a scintillating sun-in-glory prism
thick guidebook covered in sun-bright glitter
exquisitely tailored mistsilk opera cloak lined in atramentous moonsilk
tattered and torn white-striped mime's ensemble splashed with blood-red glitter becomes a ruffled tone-on-tone black jester's ensemble festooned with jingly red bells
two-tone mask bisected by a vertical line of lurid carmine glitter
herd of itty bitty bronze bovines cavorting around an aurora tourmaline sun
an opaque olivine flask with a tattered label written over in black ink
comically oversized olivewood stage hook

The box is located at the festival entrance (room 2 on the map below):

[Shard Faire Fields, North]
Fresh green grass creates a lush, natural carpet across the ground around a flower-draped wrought iron archway. Spotting the field with hues of purple and blue are tiny violets with heart-shaped petals. You also see a box of gifts covered in glitter of all colors a simple leather tent and a small barn-shaped wagon.
Obvious paths: east, southeast, south, southwest, west.


During Theater Director Sesi's GLITTERBASH! party, the following gift was available from a moonsilver box of gifts next to the shimmering EXIT portal at the Carillon, Rock Garden.

Night of Raffles! Gift

During the Night of Raffles! event, the following gift was available from the silver box of gifts painted with prancing cows outside of the arching silversteel door to Ritva's Raffles (room 5 on the map below).

Location and Map


Map and Shops

Room Entrance Shop Name Inventory Restrictions Shop
1 sparkling platinum-trimmed slot machine platinum slot machine game: slot machine N/A Yes
1 domed shelter draped in rich green camlet Open Lotus Designs clothing; jewelry; containers Yes No
1 bear hide tent Designs from Local Artists tattoos unknown race Yes Yes
1 long caravan pulled by black and white bears Flowering Furniture housing: furniture Yes Yes
2 simple leather tent The Traveling Cook cooking gear and raw food Yes No
2 small barn-shaped wagon Bitty Bovines toys: cows Yes No
3 sparkling platinum-trimmed slot machine platinum slot machine game: slot machine Yes Yes
3 sturdy silverwood shack Getting Back to Basics baldrics, worn utility knives, worn cambrinth (50 mana!) Yes Yes
3 colorful caravan painted with butterflies and cows Tatmoos tattoos Yes Yes
4 battered table with a prominent sign bearing the directions for arm wrestling on it battered table with a prominent sign bearing the directions for arm wrestling on it game: arm wrestling N/A Yes
4 colorful wagon strewn with ribbons and large bows Auntie Phanie's Phancies clothing; jewelry; containers Yes Yes
4 large ebony caravan Almodivar's Caravan food & drinks, (alterations?) Yes No
5 arching silversteel doorway Ritva's Raffles N/A Yes
5 colorful canvas tent Albrhae's Adornments Prydaen: clothing and jewelry Yes No
5 elegant wood-frame portable pavilion Scribbles art and writing tools, paper Yes Yes
6 wooden caravan trimmed with ornately carved oak panels Explorers' Outfitters clothing Yes Yes
6 wide wooden stall painted with costumed figures Split Personalities costumes and props Yes No
7 silver-trimmed slot machine silver slot machine game: slot machine N/A Yes
7 rainbow-striped cotton tent festooned with colorful flowers Flower Faire flowers; jewelry Yes No
7 colorful wagon painted with playful kittens The Kitten Emporium kitten carriers Yes Yes
8 shady path over-arched by gaily fluttering pennants Javelin Throw game Yes Yes
8 modest silk tent Tildi's Faire Flowers floral jewelry (rare materials) Yes No
8 green cotton pavilion Unicornucopia unicorn-themed costumes Yes No
9 gold-trimmed slot machine gold slot machine game: slot machine N/A Yes
9 bronze-clad caravan with a gear-shaped door Dwarven Deals Dwarves: clothing, weapons, armor, instruments, beard accessories Yes No
9 shimmering glitter-coated shack Shimmer Shack glitter! No No
9 row of food wagons Fair Faire Fare food and drinks Yes No

Festival Grounds

The following items can be found for free around the grounds.