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DEPART will restore you to life at the nearest depart point at the cost of one or more favors, potential memory (experience) loss, and a temporary penalty to overall effectiveness. Unless you have multiple favors and choose one of the special options below, you will also lose all coins you are carrying and all your items will go in a grave and need to be recovered. Items placed in a grave may be damaged. You will be healed of all wounds, but will have very low vitality, fatigue, spirit health, and concentration.


  • DEPART: If you have at least 3 favors, will use DEPART FULL mechanics below. If you have at least 2 favors, it will use DEPART ITEMS, and if you have 1 favor or less, it will use DEPART GRAVE[1].
  • DEPART GRAVE: (1 favor) Lose all coins, 1 favor (if you have one), items go in grave.
  • DEPART COINS: (2 favors) Same as normal depart, but allows you to keep your coins.
  • DEPART ITEMS: (2 favors) Same as normal depart, but allows you to keep your items (but not coins).
  • DEPART FULL: (3 favors) Same as normal depart, but allows you to keep all items and coins.


  • IMPORTANT: If you depart without any favors at all, you will suffer maximum penalties, and in addition will not be healed beyond the point necessary to sustain life.
  • New adventurers who are still wearing their divine charm get unlimited favor-free departs using just DEPART for which their items and coins will remain with them. This goes away once they attain 37 ranks in their highest skill or if they are not wearing the charm.
    • New adventurers of first circle are also given 5 favor-free deaths in which their items will remain on their person after departing. This benefit goes away after the fifth such death, or if you rise to 2nd circle, so don't forget to stock up on favors! (Possibly obsolete. Needs confirmation this still exists in the case where a new character removes their divine charm before reaching second circle.)
  • Clerics have a few spells that can remove or reduce some of the penalties associated with departing, as well as the ability to resurrect at higher levels which bypasses all penalties from departing.
  • When attempting to depart with items, please be aware that lodged missiles and graverobbed items are not covered by this option and will remain behind.
  • Additional DEPART options are available to Necromancers, via the Covetous Rebirth and Spiteful Rebirth metaspells.

Glyph of Warding

Using DEPART ITEMS with the Glyph of Warding still costs 2 favors.


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