Ice-veined leather

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Traditionally given to Gnomes or Kaldar that passed the rite of coming of age, by those devout to Misiumos, the modern creation of the material has been carried on by those that still give respect to danger of winter. Imbued with elemental magic, the leather used to create ice-vein leather often takes on an blue-white hue, but modern mages have learned to keep this discoloring from happening if requested. Once made, the leather becomes cool to the touch, and sometimes causes the air around the wearer to chill or shift, the base leather itself can still be damaged by normal means.

Rarity: Merchant Price: 5000 per stone

  • Note:This material is scripted, which means it has functionality that will not work with other scripts/mechanics. It is not REQUIRED that you keep the script, but all ice-veined leather items will come with it.
  • Alterations: You may request alternate colors. You may request that the "blue-white shimmer" be hidden from your item.
(default is turned on.)


ItemSource isRare item
Caravan driver's cap of soft ice-veined leather with padded ear flapsSmaller Side of Life (2)true
Heavy ice-veined leather boots reinforced by steel sabatonsSmaller Side of Life (2)true
Ice-veined leather arm pouch of dusky peachtrue
Ice-veined leather cloak with a windsteel claspDroughtman's Challenge 426/Incidental loottrue
Ice-veined leather pack clasped with an icesteel luteGuildfest 423 Auctiontrue
Ice-veined leather weapon belt secured by heavy steel bucklesSmaller Side of Life (2)true
Messenger bag of crinkled and distressed ice-veined leather in brown huesSmaller Side of Life (2)true
Pair of quilted ice-veined leather boots spilling over with soft furSmaller Side of Life (2)true
Pale ice-veined leather satchel embossed with a soaring owlOwirvald Riverhaven Auction 420true
Sophisticated ice-veined leather purse clasped with a frostflare opalDroughtman's Challenge 430/Incidental loottrue
... further results