Fenwyrthie's Curio Shop

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Fenwyrthie's Curio Shop
Province Zoluren
Justice Unknown
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1b
Owner Nathaniel FenwyrthieNathaniel Fenwyrthie
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Cambrinth shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Estate Holder shops, Housing shops, Jewelry shops, Magic shops, Miscellaneous shops, Weapon shops, Alchemy shops, Forging shops, Writing shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Kronars

[Fenwyrthie's Curio Shop]
Cobweb-covered oak shelves line the walls from floor to ceiling while wicker baskets and oaken chests are nestled snugly before them. Trays of copper and silver separate a maple table and a dusky oaken counter. Too many items are certainly crammed into too small a space. You also see a neatly lettered sign, a battered cedar box with some stuff in it and a wood bin. Obvious exits: west, out.

A neatly lettered sign reads:

Welcome to Fenwyrthie's Curio Shop, offering a collection of
curiosities from the far corners of the realms, some magical,
some ceremonial, some merely curious.

I'm away on a collecting trip, but feel free to browse -- if you
have questions about prices, etc., the sales staff will be glad
to help you out.

Items on the counter are periodically rotated by the staff.  If
you don't see what you're after, please check back!

As I find new objects on my collecting trips, the items on
display may change -- I make no guarantees on the continued
availability of any items sold in my shop.

                                   Fenwyrthie's Curio Shop
                                 Nathaniel Fenwyrthie, Owner
In a battered cedar box with some stuff in it
Item Price Done
gleaming silver star 125   !!
shimmering golden sphere 125   !!
Surprise packages!
On the large silver tray
Item Price Done
darkly painted lockpick case depicting a pair of emerald-eyed panthers 8,125   !!
In a wood bin
Item Price Done
zulnatha log 375   !!
rotting beech log 187   !!
pine log 375   !!
walnut log 375   !!
cedar log 375   !!
lemon-tree log 375   !!
hickory log 187   !!
elm log 375   !!
copperwood log 375   !!
These logs have been carefully harvested to preserve their natural aroma as they are burned. Just add to your home fireplace and light to enjoy! Note: The last log you put in will be the flames' aroma. To make the aroma last longer, fill your fireplace with other fuel and put the log on last.
On a dusty oaken counter
Item Price Done
Stock rotates
anklet strung from intertwining gold fishhooks and obsidian lures 15,312   
ceremonial feathered cloak decorated in the Wind Elf style with sparkling ruby and gold beads 25,000   !!
fine gold torque adorned with rubies and jade 15,375   !!
fine silver anklet bearing several chicken charms 625   !!
fine silver chain dangling an elegantly-wrought brass Estate Holder's key 625   !!
formal jade velvet robe clasped with a ruby-eyed dragon 18,750   !!
gold crocodile earcuff with a sapphire belly 3,296   !!
pink diamond-studded brass tussie-mussie brooch 6,902   !!
silver tailband engraved with a field of catnip 500   !!
supple leather jade boots with folded cuffs embroidered in golden thread 1,875   !!
frost-etched jeo'telo 375,000   
horn-tipped walnut taisgwelduan - long bow 62,500   
In a large oaken chest filled with colorful packages
Item Price Done
shimmering silver package 437   !!
beribboned blue package 187   !!
scarlet package 625   !!
colorful wrapped package 250   !!
glittering gold package 500   !!
"Fancy wrapped surprise packages!"
On a long maple table supporting various sized picture stands
Item Price Done
golden-framed painting 31,250   DG
ebon-framed painting 31,250   !!
ruggedly framed painting 22,500   !!
wooden-framed painting 25,000   !!
crystal-framed painting 31,250   !!
These paintings are reproductions of those created by members of the Estate Holders. Please, look at your leisure and buy if you wish. These are limited in supply, and once they run out will be for display only. Thank you, and enjoy.
On the expansive copper tray
Item Price Done
carved gaethzen turnip 12,500   !!
carved gaethzen firefly 12,500   !!
shimmering gaethzen rose 18,750   !!
fiery gaethzen salamander 25,000   !!
majestic gaethzen firebird 12,500   !!
shimmering gaethzen orchid 18,750   !!
creates light when charged with mana; holds 108 mana
In a sturdy wicker basket
Item Price Done
carved sandalwood fan 7,500   !!
elaborate peacock feather fan 40,000   !!
pale grey goose feather fan 21,250   !!
Fans not available until converted into 3.0 devices.

[Fenwyrthie's, Collectibles]
Memorabilia from Fenwyrthie's years of travels and collecting are crammed into every available space. Items are so tightly wedged on the shelves, racks and stands that pulling one threatens to trigger an avalanche of bags, sacks, bits of junk and dust. A winding maze of tiny trails wends through the tables, trunks and carpets jammed into the small floorspace. You also see a simple aged pine bench and a large sign.
Obvious exits: east, west.

A large sign reads:

Items here are offered AS IS.  I've tried to keep sets
of items together, but some may have been separated.

The inventory here rotates.  Check back often!

You may OPEN any of the sacks to see what is within.

My clerks have exceptional stuffing skills.  You may
not be able to put all items back into a sack after
taking them out.

On the maple rack
Item Price Done
small beige bag - Contains: dark jade weapon harness adorned with a pewter dragon 862   No
small burgundy sack - Contains: spool of stout thread, ivory bodkin with a curious engraving, red leather case with a gold clasp 2,206   No
small cream-colored bag - Contains: warm orange wool scarf with stripes of autumn reds and browns, simple brown sack delicately embroidered with a pair of pumpkins, skinning knife with a red wooden handle, long orange socks with a patch of red around the toes 1,012   !!
small dark cyan sack - Contains: simple mesh backpack with alternating stripes of blue and black, coral necklace strung with simple jade beads, jade-hilted dagger dangling a beaded spidersilk thread 1,418   No
small metallic blue sack - Contains: wooden pipe carved in the shape of a sinuous dragon, simple tobacco pouch tied with beaded leather thongs, Tippler's Best tobacco, Goldleaf tobacco 2,431   No
small olive-green bag - Contains: forest green towel embroidered with a golden dragon, sea-green sack embroidered with seashells and starfish 643   !!
small wine-colored bag - Contains: colorful pouch with small animal figures stitched upon it, sugared shrike cracker, cinnamon ox cracker, cinnamon weasel cracker, molasses magpie cracker, sugared scorpion cracker, vanilla nightingale cracker 587   !!
rotating stock

On the simple aged pine bench
Item Price Done
small ecru sack - Contains: nut-filled chocolate arbelog-claw, rose-shaped cherry lollipop, peppermint candycane, boar-shaped jellybeans, candy troll-foot, small glass jar with a wide label across its front 368   No
small light green bag - Contains: dark leather traveler's pack branded with a stylized dragon, blueberry cat-shaped lollipop, flagon of Bat-wing Brew, gummy dolphin, slice of apple-roasted boar, garlic-thyme roll, savory dumplings, deep green leather waterskin branded with the image of a soaring dragon 1,845   No
small mauve sack - Contains: dark leather traveler's pack branded with a stylized dragon, spicy chicken wings, cherry pudding, chocolate coffee-beans, slice of crusty caraway bread, glass of Katamba-black whiskey, mug of vanilla-spiced tea, dark leather waterskin tooled with an overlapping scale pattern, trencher of roast pheasant 1,836   No
small pale blue sack - Contains: white canvas satchel stamped with bold red block letters, bottle of naphtha, pristine white altar candle swirled with silver and gold, large brass whistle dangling from a beaded metal chain, large jug of water, ironwood impalement stake, heavy loaf of hearty nine-grain bread 7,291   !!
small powder-blue sack - Contains: cebi root, taffelberry tart, hisan salve, flagon of death spirit grog, spicy chicken wings, weathered pouch with patches of lightly scorched leather 1,167   No
small scarlet bag - Contains: colorful wand, festive pinata stick wrapped in shiny colors, simple silverwood case with a regal ram carved into its surface, giant snowball pinata, bag of wand-shaped candies, gingerbread jester cookie with a frosted green and blue hat, frowning snowbeast pinata, custard throwing pie, snowflake pinata, brightly colored party hat topped with colorful streamers 7,966   !!
small smoke-grey bag - Contains: distorted mound of twisted soap with small white pebbles, large white towel bearing a jade dragon emblem, round bar of red soap with light white swirls, rose-scented soap, murky bar of scented soap, fine gossamer sack with a small tag sewn on, block of dirty soap 1,450   !!
rotating stock
On the curious metal stand with branches like a tree
Item Price Done
small crimson bag - Contains: whimsical pewter fae charm 237   No
small desert-beige bag - Contains: dark silk cloak embroidered with a jade green dragon set with ruby eyes 1,612   !!
small maroon sack - Contains: dark red spidersilk shirt, pair of black spidersilk pants 11,325   !!
small midnight blue bag - Contains: embroidered cook's apron 487   !!
small orange sack - Contains: brimmed green felt hat enhanced by a gold boobrie crest 231   No
small rich blue sack - Contains: brocade cloak with elaborate silver and gold embroidered scrollwork 1,612   !!
small Rissan-orange bag - Contains: necklace of interlocking silver chains hung with a pewter medallion 206   !!
small salmon sack - Contains: dark jade rosette of finely spun silk displaying a pewter medallion 112   No
small sea-green sack - Contains: jade velvet riding hat with a single silver-tipped feather 175   !!
small silver-colored bag - Contains: fine silver chain dangling an elegantly-wrought brass Estate Holder's key 300   !!
small slate-blue sack - Contains: delicate wooden sculpture of a detailed festival ground, fragile crystalline cube 1,175   No
small spring green bag - Contains: thin spectacles with jade-colored lenses 362   !!
small violet-red bag - Contains: simple pair of golden sandals branded with the image of a dragon peeking out of a cracked egg 6,325   !!
rotating stock
On the battered trunk
Item Price Done
silky white pouch stitched with "SUGAR" in loopy red script - Contains: multi-colored sugar rainbow extending from a frosted white cloud, brown sugar ship with frosted tiny oars and sails, dark purple sugar flower with a pale green frosted stem, pure white sugar cube decorated with a small smiling face, pitch-black sugar moon shaped like a crescentic Katamba, gloomy blue sugar raindrop outlined with white sprinkles, vivid green sugar leaf dotted with brown candy ants, bright yellow sugar sun wearing black licorice goggles, burnt orange sugar flame tipped with golden sprinkles and flamboyant red sugar lips 62   !!
small Elothean-red sack - Contains: pair of silver spoons with carved handles 362   !!
small forest-green sack - Contains: length of blue cotton fabric, blue paper mask painted with a vicious snarl 512   No
small hunter green sack - Contains: tattered booklet 387   !!
small light blue bag - Contains: lightly colored silk fan with twin beaded ribbons hanging from the grip 5,075   No
small light grey sack - Contains: silver-inlaid skinning knife 237   !!
small lime-green bag - Contains: face paint 2,043   No
small steel-blue sack - Contains: get-well card showing a plump dragon with a runny nose 1,012   No
rotating stock
On the dusty carpet
Item Price Done
small dark green sack - Contains: miniature cambrinth figurine shaped to resemble a winged-dragon 1,550   !!
small dark purple bag - Contains: cross-eyed chicken statue riding an overly plump dragon 550   No
small dark tan bag - Contains: flame-etched brass bell shaped like the giant orb of the Crossing Temple 1,850   No
small dusty rose bag - Contains: large tasseled cushion embroidered with a flying dragon 1,012   No
small grey sack - Contains: crystal charm hung from a fine silver chain 1,237   No
small purple sack - Contains: pewter plate engraved with a sleeping dragon 675   No
small slate-blue sack - Contains: carved jade dragon pin with tiny faceted ruby eyes 1,175   No
small slate-grey sack - Contains: pewter tankard etched with a stylized dragon clasping its tail in its mouth 1,862   No
small tan bag - Contains: embossed parchment 93   No
rotating stock
On the marble-topped rosewood table
Item Price Done
small blue sack - Contains: dark green leather thigh pouch branded with a stylized dragon 1,862   No
small blue-violet sack - Contains: ironwood origami case with a winged dragon clasp 3,200   !!
small brass-colored bag - Contains: large canvas sack painted with a magnificent three-masted ship, twisted dagger bearing the crest of the Estate Holders 356   No
small bronze-colored sack - Contains: well-worn harness bearing a faded design of a dragon with missing scales, sackcloth pack stitched with intricate designs, sturdy metal flask bearing the end-scene of a fierce battle 8,887   !!
small brown bag - Contains: dark blue ankle sheath bearing a black stylized dragon, green carving knife engraved with the form of a dragon in flight, skinning knife with a jade inlay of a dragon in flight 487   !!
small copper-colored sack - Contains: dark oiled leather cape edged with an elaborate serpentine pattern, deep emerald silk haversack adorned with an onyx crescent 1,325   No
small coral-colored bag - Contains: wide leather utility belt tooled with the Estate Holder's crest 881   No
small cornflower-blue sack - Contains: worn leather arm sheath tooled with the image of a cobra wrapped around a sword, bone-hilted skinning knife with a polished copper blade 1,862   !!
small dark brown bag - Contains: supple leather belt buckled with a stylized dragon's head 675   No
small gold-colored sack - Contains: polished ebony case inset with a ruby-eyed jade dragon, wax label, brightly colored party hat topped with a stuffed chicken head, slender glass bottle 3,987   No
rotating stock

On the shelves
Item Price Done
dingy yellow bag - Contains: darkened leather warrior's carton with a rough iron buckle 13,0062   !!
small aquamarine sack - Contains: Estate Holder marionette 1,612   No
small black sack - Contains: dark silk pennant with a silver fringe 175   !!
small cyan bag - Contains: gooey toy lipopod 1,612   !!
small green bag - Contains: carved ironwood chickens 400   !!
small magenta sack - Contains: blue glass orb with teal swirls 1,637   !!
small off-white bag - Contains: supple brown velvet pouch with a braided silk drawstring 22,753   !!
small red bag - Contains: feathery chicken doll 112   !!
small white bag - Contains: volcano globe 2,262   No
small yellow bag - Contains: glass cube, glass bottle 137   !!
rotating stock

[Fenwyrthie's, Keepsakes]
Trinkets, toys, bags, and tools of all sorts appear strewn onto every available space. The visual assault of colorful containers along racks, counters, bins, and shelves does nothing to improve the dusty and cob-web ridden state of the shop. Nearly every inch of the floor space is taken up by sale surfaces, leaving walking room at a minimum. You also see a wooden tray with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the shelves
Item Price Done
purple bag - Contains: an articulated kraken figurine with abyssal black eyes and a miniature shark figurine with a polished steel body 18,750   No
cerulean bag - Contains: a silverwood vault book with openwork carvings, an acanth bank book with openwork carvings and a curved skinning blade with an antler hilt 18,750   !!
fern green bag - Contains: a rumpled busker's kit with jester mask-shaped buckles 18,750   !!
grass green bag - Contains: a khor'vela locksmith's case wrapped in blackened leather 18,750   No
juniper bag - Contains: a set of copper zombie earrings with a lurid green patina, an armless zombie doll splattered with bloodstains and a black ribbon choker dangling an articulated steel zombie 18,750   !!
orange bag - Contains: a squid-handled knife, a felt hat shaped like a large salmon-colored squid, an articulated squid pendant of silver and a carved alexandrite squid with coiled tentacles 18,750   No
On the polished table
Item Price Done
scarlet bag - Contains: a white ash painting kit with polished silver hinges, a sheet of parchment paper (x5), a wide-brush paintbrush, a delicate thin paintbrush, and a set of paints 18,750   !!
charcoal bag - Contains: a grey oilcloth pouch shaped like a rock, a Dwarf-shaped ore, a small kertig tear, a small silversteel ingot, a small granite rock, and a small chunk of steel 18,750   No
grey bag - Contains: a pitted forging kit with leather straps, an oiled leather bellows with brass rivets, a flask of oil, a sturdy wire brush with a birch handle, and a stained cleaning cloth lined with moose hair 18,750   No
blue bag - Contains: a silk-bound book painted with a graceful landscape, a miniature Ilithi peach tree set in a large clay pot, and a sturdy leather saddlebag painted with stylized horses 18,750   No
yellow bag - Contains: some rose-tinted glasses with silver frames, a weathered cane with a four-clawed foot, a stamped book cover and a heavy bathrobe embroidered with the Estate Holder's crest 18,750   No
On the wooden tray
Item Price Done
Unlocked Estate Holder rings.
aged copper band engraved with the Estate Holder's crest 1,312   
sturdy blackened iron band stamped with a crest 1,875   !!
heavy platinum band bearing a diamond encrusted crest 10,437   !!
plain signet ring bearing the Estate Holder's crest 1,687   !!
carved ironwood ring shaped like a coiled dragon 1,562   !!
rugged oaken ring branded with a small Estate Holder's crest 2,937   !!
wide silver thumb ring with a faded crest 4,125   !!
braided gold ring set with a large faceted sapphire 7,937   !!
gaudy gold-plated ring bearing a zircon Estate Holder's crest 5,437   !!
On the large rack
Item Price Done
slate bag - Contains: a fused arm splint with supple leather straps, a linen arm sling painted with a broken arm bone, a large wooden crutch padded with thick bandaging and a long tattered bandage 18,750   No
tangerine bag - Contains: an antiqued copper alchemy kit, a smooth mahogany mortar adorned with patterned gold leaf, a smooth mahogany pestle stamped with holly leaves, a carved oaken bowl with openwork of galloping horses, a carved mixing stick with a charging horse-shaped handle, a stained cleaning cloth lined with moose hair, and a cherry-handled mesh sieve with small stabilizing rods 18,750   No
red bag - Contains: a piece of lumpy coal, a large wreath adorned with pinecones, some small will-o-wisps, a small crystal globe clasped within leather straps, and a string of silver bells on a red ribbon 18,750   No
emerald bag - Contains: a twisted ring set with a milky stone 18,750   No
mango orange bag - Contains: a darkened leather warrior's carton with a rough iron buckle 18,750   !!
wine red bag - Contains: a pilgrim's supply satchel embroidered with a religious scene 18,750   No
In the round bin
Item Price Done
sapphire bag - Contains: soft pink bunny nose, fanged bunny slippers with gaping mouths and crystalline eyes, spiked rabbit-shaped club with a crystal hilt 18,750   !!
cream bag - Contains: dented iron toolbox painted with gears and cogs, rusted glarmencoupler with a square joint, broken rackenspracket with chipped edges, blue-handled flarmencrank with a well-oiled sheen, large button stamped with "ENGINEER" in black, stiff canvas overalls with gear-shaped buttons 18,750   !!
violet bag - Contains: a large mesh gamebag dangling togball charms, a ruby red jar covered with golden scales, a red and gold jersey displaying the Estate Holder's crest, and a golden silk pennant stamped "GO TEAM!" 18,750   No
plum bag - Contains: a small card box lined with deep red velvet, a card painted with a Bard strumming a golden harp, a card displaying a Barbarian wielding a tin-foil spear and axe, a Cleric-shaped card with a felted robe, an Empath-shaped card displaying a heart-shaped pillow, a card displaying a Moon Mage holding a tin-foil mirror, a card showing a Philosopher holding a tin-foil knife, a staunch-looking Paladin-shaped card with tin-foil armor, an autumn-colored Ranger card, a cloaked Thief card, a winking Trader-shaped card studded with tiny colored crystals, and a Warrior Mage card painted in vibrant colors 18,750   No
white bag - Contains: stoppered bottle of naphtha, lead-banded wand of blackened steel 18,750   !!
On the deobar box
Item Price Done
seafoam-green bag - Contains: canvas pastry chef's bag embroidered with fruits and cakes, iron tart-shaped skillet, raw dough packed with fruits x3 18,750   !!
alabaster bag - Contains: slim leather scholar's tote with silver scrollwork along the flap, snifter of Elothean windhaze x3, Elothean House handbook, fuligin silk kimono with gracefully trailing sleeves 18,750   
lace bag - Contains: sturdy canvas bundle painted with stylized S'Kra Mur silhouettes, braided green jade tailband banded with black jasper, sinuous linen robe embroidered in rich jewel-tones, brilliant star-shaped emeralds 18,750   !!
bronze bag - Contains: large woodcutter's carryall made of woven leather strips, sturdy pair of rolled-up denim trousers worn with bright red suspenders, sharp steel felling axe with a long hickory handle, rugged logging boots with spiked soles 18,750   !!
amber-hued bag - Contains: Gorbesh woven basket with thick leather straps, enveloping outrider's cloak crafted from bias-cut burel, elaborate white ironwood chain bearing several small painted discs 18,750   
dusty azure bag - Contains: worn and patched gearbag with thickly padded shoulder straps, wide-bottom mistwood guti'adar with ivory-tipped tuning pins, soft chamois cloth with golden trim, slender cocobolo txistu with ivory-rimmed holes, polished thin-edged zills with silvered esoteric filigree 18,750   !!