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The Ocular are a mysterious race from the southern continent about whom little is known. They can change shape at will, appearing to be anyone at any time. They are cunning, sinister people with their own agenda. If you suspect you're talking to an Ocular, find a Halfling to stand beside you. Their love of tender Olvi flesh is a dead giveaway.

Albarian Timeline

The Ocular: A mysterious race, the Ocular possess powers of shape-shifting.The ability to take on forms of others, with cost, makes their goals all the more dangerous. At the dictates of their God, the Ocular have attempted to spread chaos, war, and dissent throughout all Elanthia. While their society exists in Albaria, the Ocular have also spread out, with some even living in Kermoria and the Qi Archipelago.

Ability to shapeshift

Post from the boards, by Rayje, 17 October 2000

During the Feast of Eluned, the some of the real merelew nobles were locked up and an Ocular assumed their places. Oculars would occasionally start to twitch when keeping their disquise for long periods of time - this is why Prince Sirolarn has few public appearances... I forgot what they normally look like, except that they had red eyes and were very fond of eating halflings. I think Paladins could also sense an evil aura around them. Two of the oculars escaped and havent been seen since (or at least two).

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