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Recall 2.0 · on 11/21/2007 1:28:20 AM 272

Now live in Platinum and Prime -- Recall 2.0!

A quick review: Recall was once a bard-only system, but we've opened it up to all guilds with the condition that bards get a piece of all the action. With that said, we've been adding new features such as Recall Immortal and Recall Holiday. And now with Recall 2.0, we have even more!

What all has changed or been added? I'm not going to give full details at this time (PAFO!) but here's a few notes. Once folks have had a chance to play around, I'll post a few more details.

-- Recall Holiday now has a Recall Holiday List option.

-- Rangers, empaths, and bards may now use RECALL HERB. This will give some basic information about various herbs in Elanthia. Type RECALL HELP for full syntax.

-- All guilds may now attempt to RECALL <CRITTER>. Depending on your scholarship, guild and the type of critter, you may get some interesting information. At this time, one of the features (critter history/lore) is only available on a few critters. Cave trolls, pirates, ice ghasts, spriggan, faenrae chanters, and a few others support critter history/lore. I'll be updating critters on a continuous basis to get more of these out.

-- Recall History (bard only) was horribly resource intensive, leading to it being shut down to further expansion several years ago. As of this update, the resource issues have been resolved, and we can add new recalls at will. Furthermore, adding and releasing new recalls is much easier on our end, so expect to see some expansion there very soon.

-- Bards now have access to PERCEIVE HISTORY, also known as hindsight. This ability works exactly like RECALL HISTORY, but with a major difference. First, it depends on the power perception skill, not scholarship. More importantly, whereas recall history will let you remember things you've learned during your studies, perceive history will let you experience some of these things first hand. In other words, perceive history will give you a glimpse of the past instead of merely remembering it. Important Note: This ability is currently on Premium preview, and will remain there one week before going on full preview. There are only 3 rooms in the game that support the feature, all three in Zoluren. It's not actually a new ability, just one that was never turned on because it was intended to be a quest ability. We will still be doing the quest, but we will leave it on preview for everyone to try out until we get the quest done. At that point, it will come off preview and you'll need to do the quest if you want to keep the ability. By that time we should have more areas to perceive available as well.

TF will follow this weekend assuming nothing major breaks in Prime or Plat.

- GM Dartenian

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