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Nexus points are a new feature in Elanthia offering advantages to experience drain at those locations.

Recall Description

No one really understands the forces behind a Nexus point, be they divine or otherwise, but over time such points have become common gathering points for trade, services, learning and more. From an academic standpoint, it should be noted that Nexus points are a separate and unique entity from the Bardic Nexus enchante. While the enchante also has beneficial effects to those nearby and excels with additional support from others, the benefits conveyed are quite different.

Little formal research has been done into the matter, as most simply accept these regions without question in much the same way as breathing -- it simply happens without thought or notice. Some researchers have noted groups performing ritual sacrifices at Nexus points. Scholars believe these rituals simply bring together like-minded individuals who benefit from the company of one another. Members of the clergy, however, believe these sites to be touched by the divine because of the offerings made and the benefits bestowed.

Whatever the reason, many of the identified Nexus points have proven to be pivotal locations in conflicts, celebrations, miracles, trade and other important events throughout recorded history. Whether outside forces truly act upon the areas or these events are simply coincidence, the beneficial effects of gathering at a Nexus have been clearly noted.

Recall List

Alleged Nexus points as noted by historical scholars include (but may not be limited to):


Nexus points can be enhanced by SACRIFICING some aspect of a character's essence at the nexus point using the sacrifice verb. In order to empower a Nexus, sacrifices are required, current messaging in RECALL NEXUS LIST indicates eight sacrifices are required to empower a nexus (fewer are likely required in Platinum). The following objects are valid:

  • Health
  • Mana - lasts 2 hours
  • Fatigue
  • Spirit
  • Concentration
* According to the announcement of this system, the duration of empowerment varies based upon what is sacrificed. Empowerment via concentration provides very little (less than 6 hours OOG time) empowerment.
* Each sacrifice will drop your available mana/fatigue/etc. to 10% remaining, and will start a cool-down to when you may sacrifice again.


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