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Status: Dead
Guild: Warrior Mage
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Associates: Sorrow, Lissanda

Sadiaer was a human mercenary who rose to prominence during the Sorrow War as one of Lord Sorrow’s lieutenants. During the War he led S’lai forces in their attacks on Zoluren where his crow-feathered bow became a sign of fear amongst the defenders. He was not only a soldier, but a warrior mage of some skill, although it was believed he was insane, as his spells would fell the S’lai as often as those he fought.

His love for Lissandra knew no bounds, even to the point where he would kill her as an expression of love. She was also reported to have rescued his corpse from Sidhlot.

Sadiaer had a fierce rivalry with Prayk constituting a series of betrayals, but it is unclear whom was the first betrayer. The underlying hatred revolved around the fear that Prayk was Sorrow’s favorite.

Sadiaer fell on 278 Moliko 363, at the same time as Lord Sorrow. However, he nearly returned to life through a greenish-grey moongate. Fortunately the moongate collapsed halfway to completion, fading, then disappearing. When it disappeared, Sadiaer’s anguished cry was heard, heralding his final death.


  • Basselope's summary
Mercenary for Sorrow. War Mage. Killed Prayk after his betrayal earlier, which might not really have been a betrayal. Creepy - was in love with Lissanda and would kill her to express his emotions. Hates Prayk because he believes Sorrow needs/wants him more. Can change the appearance of his race. Made some strange mind-control hair combs and baubles. When the lipopod ate these charms, it created beams of light that behaved like a bad moongate. Was walked on day 177 (?) of 363 (Dec 21, 2000), possibly by Natashya or Munira.
  • Ranik's Encyclopedia
Minion of Sorrow's that walked the Starry road 278 Moliko 363) In response, an evil greenish-grey moongate began to form, and we braced outselves, fearing all the brave effort had gone for nothing. To our joy, and to Sadiaer's horror and despair, the gate failed half-formed, and faded to mere flickering wisps of colour before vanishing entirely! Sadiaer's ghost cried out in denial, and then the corpse departed, as the mage was called to the Starry Road for his last walk.