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Rotting Deadwood Dryad
Unknown creature.jpg
Creature Levels:
    Overall 36
    Level Variance -
    Natural Attack 36
    Weapon Attack 36
    Defense 36
    Player Estimated 36
Potential overall skill: 150
Skill Cap 150 to 250
Skinnable No
Has Coins Yes
Has Gems Yes
Has Boxes Yes
Has Other Unknown
Uses Weapons Unknown
Alignment Undead
Corporeal Yes
Construct No
Casts Spells Yes
Attack Range Unknown
Stealthy No
Special Attacks No
Special Defenses Unknown
Body Type unknown
Body Type (Alt) unknown
Body Size unknown
Locksmithing Details
Skill Required Careful: ?
Teaching Cap ?


The deadwood dryad is a rather fearsome creature, looking much like a tree that has twisted over many long and painful years into the form of the wretched, yet oddly beautiful, woman before you. Massive, branch-like claws sweep outward from her arms in place of hands, each tapering to a wicked thorn. Evidence of severe blight and rot cover her entire body and her eyes glisten with a disturbing green glow.

In Depth


It is wearing nothing!
It is carrying nothing!


  • Casts Swarm and Harawep's Bonds.
  • Spell Prep: A rotting deadwood dryad begins to wave its arms in a magical fashion.
  • Spell Cast: A circle of blue and green light radiates outward from a rotting deadwood dryad. Almost immediately, hundreds of stinging insects explode from their hiding places!

Recall Information

The deadwood dryad, like many things living in the Vela'tohr region, suffers from the unnatural blight plaguing the land and warping most inhabitants into cursed creatures who serve as guardians for Asketi's Temple.



A rotting deadwood dryad whispers to the desiccated trees all around, "I shall avenge you, my sisters... The mortals will pay their penance for your deaths!"

A rotting deadwood dryad begins to cry hysterically, thick tears of black sap dripping down her cheeks.

A rotting deadwood dryad howls in wretched misery, her visage twisting and cracking under the strain to send a light shower of bark crumbling to the ground.


TM, Parry, and Deb hard capped at exactly 250.

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