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Recall Holiday · on 3/7/2006 10:27:08 172

Looking for an excuse to have a party? Look no further! I just released Recall Holiday in Prime and Platinum, and assuming I'm once again thwarted in my quest to crash the game, I'll release it in TF tomorrow.

What is Recall Holiday, you ask?!?!

It is a new Recall ability available to Bards, Clerics, and Traders of sufficient education, intellect, and dedication to their calling. Syntax is as follows:

RECALL HOLIDAY {holiday name}

-- by itself, tries to recall the current and next holiday.
-- if a specific holiday is named, it will give specific information on that day.

Note that it is quite possible for two people to both recall facts about a holiday, but for one to remember more than the other. In addition, there are four categories of holidays, and each of the three Guilds may find some of them easier to remember than others.

What holidays are available? I'm going to leave that to ye olde PAFO. I suspect a few people will have a full list of the current twenty or so holidays on web sites by tonight anyway, especially since none of them are really new to Elanthia. Those of you who have been around a while will recognize most if not all of them, even if I did have to make a few minor tweaks to make things work smoothly. While they are called holidays, and in some cases the names mean, "Day of...", many are observed for one or even two in-game weeks!

Many thanks to those who have contributed to Elanthian holidays over the years! You know who you are! Now quit reading this silly post and go celebrate!

- GM Dartenian

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