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Blufandu is a major Elanthian holiday which lasts for eight days.

Blufandu is celebrated beginning on the 250th day of the year (the 11th day of the month of Moliko) the first day of autumn. Blufandu is also known as the Day of the Wind. Autumn is often the time of alliances, treaties, and contracts. The wars of the spring and summer have been fought and the time for the wisdom of Chadatru is at hand. At this time, new judges are appointed, kings are crowned, and elections are held. Knights contest against one another in challenges ranging from archery to jousting to poetry to swordplay. Couples who wish to express a sense of equanimity often choose this time for their wedding day and babies born at this time are said to be especially even tempered. A concord broken during Blufandu is said to draw the wrath of Chadatru Himself, while a promise made in bad faith at this time is said to draw the attentions Rutilor.