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It it important to note that "The Immortals" is the name of the Kermorian pantheon, while "immortals" refers to any or all god-like beings.

Gods at a glance: Researching the gods? See aspects of all of the gods on one page.

The Kermorian Pantheon

The presence of the Thirteen Immortals of Elanthia is undeniable, their power and mythology woven into the fabric of the universe, their influence as vital as air or sunlight -- but not nearly as intangible. They are a fickle bunch and as unpredictable and mercurial as Elanthia itself. Each Immortal has several aspects; some benevolent, some wrathful, mischievous or disruptive.

Neutral Light Dark
Kertigen (Raven) Divyaush (Welkin) Zachriedek (Raccoon)
Hodierna (Unicorn) Berengaria (Cow) Asketi (Adder)
Meraud (Wolf) Firulf (Owl) Kerenhappuch (Shrew)
Damaris (Panther) Phelim (Nightingale) Dergati (Shrike)
Everild (Boar) Kuniyo (Wolverine) Trothfang (Centaur)
Truffenyi (Ox) Alamhif (Magpie) Huldah (Weasel)
Hav'roth (Cobra) Peri'el (Kingsnake) Ushnish (Viper)
Eluned (Dolphin) Lemicus (Albatross) Drogor (Shark)
Glythtide (Ram) Saemaus (Donkey) Be'ort (Coyote)
Tamsine (Cat) Albreda (Dove) Harawep (Spider)
Faenella (Wren) Murrula (Phoenix) Idon (Heron)
Chadatru (Lion) Rutilor (Mongoose) Botolf (Goshawk)
Urrem'tier (Scorpion) Eylhaar (Jackal) Aldauth (Vulture)
Altar List

Other Immortals

  • The World Dragon is as universally feared as the Thirteen are revered.
  • The Heralds, sometimes called Guardians, are ethereal beings of such power that -- it is said -- the Thirteen bow before them.
  • The Huntress, a strange pseudo-Immortal who is rarely referenced.

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