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Shosandu is a major Elanthian holiday, which lasts for eight days.

The changing of the Elanthian year is a time of great celebration. The festival combines both religious and secular celebrations, beginning with giving thanks to Tamsine for the boons of beneficial fire and civilization that helps mortals survive the winter. While thanks are given throughout this time to the Immortals for their role in subduing the World Dragon, it is near the last day of the year that Peri'el is honored for Her sacrifice in that effort. It is with Her services that the new year officially begins. It is a time to stop to consider what the sky must have looked like with four moons, a time to mourn for the waste laid to the world, a time of thanks for all that one has. With light, darkness must come and Shosandu is no exception to this fact of life in Elanthia. Perhaps it is the deep, cold winter nights that come so frequently around the time of this festival which draw Asketi near. Regardless, history tells us that the coming of Shosandu heralds the ride of Asketi as She seeks out the city that has failed to venerate Her the most.

The Therengians celebrate Shosandu specifically as the victory of Baron Falstad over the Dragon Priests in Therengia. More in the book Northern Customs.