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The Hollow Eve 399 festival gift is an amulet, brooch, or ring that staunches the owner's bleeding wounds and heals the owner's vitality over time. The gift does not heal wounds or do anything else, and it works the same no matter which artifact, material, gem, or pattern you have.


RUB: invokes the gift's power

STARE: changes the gift's pattern (purely aesthetic)

Possible Appearances

a [material] [amulet/brooch/ring] [encrusted/inlaid] with [gem] in the pattern of [pattern]

So far, 307 patterns, 85 materials, and 21 gems have been documented. That's 547,995 possible combinations (not including the choice of amulet, brooch, or ring)!

The pattern can be changed at will by staring at the gift. The pattern is randomly selected, and there is a 10-second roundtime, but you can try as often as you like (even after the festival ends).

The material and gem are randomly selected when you receive your gift. You can change the material and gem by tapping your gift on the brass bell in the Dimly-Lit Workshop. You cannot choose what you get; the combination is random. You can try as often as you like, but it costs five platinum Dokoras every time. This service was only available during the festival.

There are 1,785 possible material/gem combinations. If you never got the same combination twice, it would cost you 8,925 platinum Dokoras (or 12,070 platinum Kronars) to go through them all.




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