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Claw of Tenemlor Elder
Prime Status: Alive
Race: Prydaen
Gender: Male
Location: Beyond the Barrier
Type: quest
Relatives: -


You see the Claw of Tenemlor Elder, a Prydaen.
Although his dark brown fur is grey at the edges and somewhat scraggled from age, his eyes are still a bright blue color. His dark brown mane is tied back in a loose ponytail, and his body is rather wiry, with little muscle on his bones. He has a fairly long tail.
He is tall for a Prydaen.
He appears to be elderly.
He is in good shape.

He leans on a tall staff that looks quite old.
He is wearing a sleeveless mra'sin that is open on either side, several long beaded necklaces that drape over his chest and shoulders, and some low leather moccasins.



The Elder chuckles a bit and says, "She is the youngest of us at the moment, and eager to prove herself. She is a very good fighter and hunter, but not afraid of menial tasks. Still, I wish that she and Vipife would butt heads less often." He pauses. "And yes, she is my daughter."


The Elder smiles and saysfs, "My mate. She is both beautiful and powerful. We would not have been able to bring you here if it were not for her. She has magic that is quite unique, although also very taxing to her. Please, if you see her, be kind to her."


The Elder nods slightly, leaning a bit on the gnarled staff he holds.
The Elder says, "We are the Claw of Tenemlor. Warriors, blessed by the White Lady herself. In exchange for our devotion, we cannot be turned. We can survive on very little food and water. We have a measure of protection against disease. And we have other special weapons for fighting the undead. Still, it is a hard life, and one that takes its toll after a while. Even now, traversing the Barrier is no easy task, as you well know."


The Elder says, "He is a bit of a troublemaker. And has some infatuation for my daughter, although she does not return his affections."

ASK ELDER ABOUT LYRAS (after defeating Lyras)

The Elder beams at you. "Yes, although it was just one piece of many of Lyras, what you did today has done some real good. Please, go to the damaged hut in the Hub, and claim your reward.

ASK ELDER ABOUT NECRO (as a Necromancer)

The Elder stares at you and says, "You remind me a little of a few Prydaens who decided to try fighting fire with fire, and took up necromancy to try to better combat Lyras. It was not worth the cost. It is never worth the cost. They cut themselves off from the Wheel. And you, necromancer, have cut yourself off from the gods."


The Elder looks saddened and says, "Yes, Sharlir. A strong and beautiful Rakash. One of the fiercest fighters against the undead, when she lived. Then one of Lyras' strongest generals, after she died. She was mainly made so from sheer spite. She was Methesdred's mate, and a fierce fighter. She was made to stay here in the Prydaen lands, when Lyras left it. A last little bit of vengenace, a bit of extra assurance by Lyras that she would never be free from her curse."

ASK ELDER ABOUT TASK (after defeating Sharlir and Lyras)

The Elder smiles and says, "There are no tasks left. All you need to do now is find my mate and claim your reward, if you haven't already."


The Elder smiles a bit and says, "Yes, Tenemlor guides us and protects us. We are grateful that she remains loyal to our people despite all our failures."


The Elder sighs a little and says, "I pity the undead. I do not hate them. Lost souls, trapped and unable to die, unable to will themselves to die. I just wish we could do more for them. That things would go back to the way they were. Before."


The Elder says, "Vipife is a fine warrior, although a bit short-tempered. He has been with the Claw longer than anyone save myself, and does not tolerate the mistakes of the young very easily. There are few of us out here, so we know each other fairly well. Something exasperated by most of the Claw leaving for the East."


The Elder looks down, smiling a little, and says, "Yes... The Wheel of Life. After we rest for a time in death, we are born anew. Tenemlor puts a finger to our lips, quietly hushing our past lives but never erasing them. This is why we have a split upper lip, you know." He sighs a bit. "But although the death of Lyras released many of the Prydaen souls held captive in undeath, until the last remnant of Lyras is defeated and the Barrier finally falls for good, the Wheel only turns at a glacier's pace."