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Famed for the veins of fine silver that permeate the wood. Properly cut and polished, the wood and silver form a harmonious blend of colors and textures highly sought after for furniture and decor. Silverwood is also reputed to have some useful effect against spells when used as a shield but no definitive work on this has been done.

Silverwood is not needed for alterations.


Hardness Durability Workability Stiffness Physical Shortbow
Composite Bow
Capacity Density Value
25 60 12 55 45 95 40 95 35 3.5 Deciduous


ItemSource isRare item
Boarding axe with a silverwood handleHollow Eve Festival 410/Rafflestrue
Carved silverwood egg painted in gold leafDiamond Deities (1)Diamond Deities (2)Diamond Deities (3)true
Carved silverwood lockpick case inlaid with translucent scarlet jadeJust Desserts (2)true
Dainty silverwood vanityClassic Designstrue
Double-headed hurling axe with a silverwood handleToss-O-Ramatrue
Dusky blue trillium flower surrounding an eventide moonstoneFashionable Panda (1)true
Elegant lady's hand mirror encased in lustrous silverwoodClear Visions (2)Clear Visions (3)true
Emerald-inlaid silverwood purse with leaf-carved handlesFrom Our Closet to Yourstrue
Etched silverwood spherestrue
Fragile silverwood boxJust Desserts (2)true
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