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Zinc at a Glance
Material Type Metals
Colors Grey
Rarity Common
Cultural Relevance None
Required for Alterations No

Used alongside copper to create brass.

Alteration Rules

This material is not required for alterations.

Crafting Properties

This is a metal that can be used in crafting.

Universal Properties

Workability Density Value*
60 4 8787 Kronars <br />69.6 Lirums <br />62.779 Dokoras <br />0.087 LTBpoints <br />0.087 Tickets <br />

*Single volume value in Kronars.

Physical Properties

Hardness Durability Electrical Thermal Physical Ductility
25 20 50 25 25 75

Magical Properties


Raw Material Sources

Darkbox 428 prizes, Forging Society (Crossing), Forging Society (Shard), Game of Chicken, Game of Chicken 425 prizes and Random Crafting Material Rewards

Natural Sources

alluvial rocks, metamorphic rocks, sedimentary rocks


ItemSource isRarity is
Apple-red pouch with a zinc helm charm
Brushed suede pants lined with zinc rivetsHollow Eve Festival 439/DarkboxDarkbox 414 prizes
Hollow Eve 399 gift
Item:Hollow Eve 399 gift
Item:Zinc bar
Item:Zinc clockwork hedgehog
Item:Zinc nugget
Item:Zinc slug
Pale yellow pouch with a zinc gargoyle charm
Piked axe inlaid along the blade with corroded zincBasket of colored darts
... further results

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