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A tropical hardwood, identical to its real world counterpart. Common Cocobolo trees are a type of rosewood that is tropical and grows about 20-25 feet in height.

Cocobolo is highly prized for fine woodwork, and is oily in look and feel. This oil lends a strong, unmistakable floral odor. Standing up well to repeated handling and exposure to water, a common use is in gun grips and knife handles. It is very hard, fine textured and dense. Due to its density and hardness, even a large block of the cut wood will produce a clear musical tone if struck. Cocobolo can be polished to a lustrous, glassy finish.

It is unknown if this material must be provided for alterations, however it can be found at common stores like House of Bardic Blues.


ItemSource isRare item
BowElepaio's LuthierreMalik the True BardTeshi's InstrumentsTrue Bard D'Ortrue
Burnished wheel painted with colorful sea creaturesHollow Eve Festival 436/Game prizestrue
CastanetsTeshi's Instrumentstrue
CistreTeshi's Instrumentstrue
Cocobolo flute with blackened leech-shaped keysHollow Eve Festival 406/RafflesPremium rafflestrue
Cocobolo pilgrim's badge carved like a bulbous boggle headHuldah Shrine prizes 410true
Cocobolo pipe with the bowl carved in a visage of HodiernaDeluxe Safari 417 Game PrizesTaisidon Safari 417 Game PrizesTaisidon Safari 420 Game Prizestrue
Cocobolo riste embedded with shark's teethThorkim Family Farm 429/Pig MazeEgg rewardstrue
Compact writing slate with a borderBreaking and Entering/Library loottrue
Dainty cowbell fit with a polished handleBreaking and Entering/Library loottrue
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