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Items that containing this material may cast the Clear Vision spell. Outdated items may also have contained the Lightning Bolt spell, but these items likely will not work with the 3.1 rune material changes.

Alteration Properties

In DragonRealms, ilmenite is a pale silver metal tinged through with blue streaks. It has no other associations with the real life ilmenite.

It is a very rare material that must be provided for alterations. Intricate detailing via carving is not possible though engraving is fine.


ItemSource isRare item
Fitted burlap pants with an ilmenite drum buckleBacon Man's Birthday Bash 419true
Gnarled white ironwood staff topped with a pale grey ilmenite owl6th-Year Estate Holder Token Auctiontrue
Heavily patched burlap cloak with a bent ilmenite drum-shaped claspBacon Man's Birthday Bash 419true
Hollow Eve 399 gift
Ilmenite necklace dangling a pair of sunstone shark emblemsHollow Eve Festival 414/Rafflestrue
Ilmenite ring with a miniature sunstone shark settingHollow Eve Festival 414/Rafflestrue
Ilmenite-tipped wandTrading Post (1)true
Item:Hollow Eve 399 gift
Item:Ilmenite-tipped wandTrading Post (1)true
Pair of corpse-white boots with an ilmenite drum insigniaBacon Man's Birthday Bash 419true
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