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Ebony at a Glance
Material Type Woods
Colors Black
Rarity Rare
Cultural Relevance None
Required for Alterations No

Material description needed

Alteration Rules

This material is not required for alterations.

Crafting Properties

This is a wood that can be used in crafting.

Universal Properties

Workability Density Value*
15 7.2 575575 Kronars <br />460 Lirums <br />414.92 Dokoras <br />0.575 LTBpoints <br />0.575 Tickets <br />

*Single volume value in Kronars.

Physical Properties

Hardness Durability Physical
90 10 75

Bowyer Properties

Stiffness Bend Strength
80 75


Shortbow & Arbalest Longbow & Heavy Crossbow Composite Bow & Light Crossbow
10 15 65

Magical Properties


Raw Material Sources

Natural Sources

coniferous trees


ItemSource isRarity is
Abassi (1)Kilora's Weaponry
AdzeStruan's Weapons and Armor, Struan's Weapons and Armor
Aldamdin drawknife capped with an hourglass-shaped fire opalSkyward Crafting (7)Skyward Crafting (6)festival
Amber-gold thigh boots with ebony heelsTaisidon Safari 420 Game Prizes
Antique ebony humidor inset with intricate platinum filigreeDunshade: Echo of Tears/End loot
ArzfiltKilora's Weaponry
Audrualm hide scraper etched with falling starsSkyward Crafting (3)festival
Awl carved of burnished ebonyDrathrok's Duskruin 446/Incidental lootDrathrok's Duskruin 442/Incidental lootDrathrok's Duskruin 438/Incidental lootDrathrok's Duskruin 435/Incidental lootDrathrok's Duskruin 430/Incidental lootDrathrok's Duskruin 426/Incidental lootincidental
Axe (1)Struan's Weapons and Armor, Struan's Weapons and Armor
... further results

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