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Copperwood trees are wide-pored trees that grow over copper deposits near the ground's surface. During their growth, they pull the copper from the ground, where it is deposited in their bark.

Copperwood is a beautiful example of a mineral-bearing tree. The rich veins of copper swirl among the patterns of the wood's grain.

Copperwood is not needed for alterations


Hardness Durability Workability Stiffness Physical Shortbow
Composite Bow
Capacity Density Value
30 55 15 65 35 20 95 95 4 Tropical


ItemSource isRare item
Azure Elothean silk fan painted with a soaring dirigibleLaunching of the Etranatrue
Boisterous felted tavern with flamboyant goldweave awningsThis Little Piggy (3)true
Carved copperwood bearsWorn and tattered mapTreasure maptrue
Ceramic tile fireplace with a copperwood mantleFires of Autumn (1)true
Copper-hued crepe cape with a copperwood cow-shaped claspEgg rewardstrue
Copperleaf dako'gi crossbow set with a bone scrimshaw boltplateBasimah's (1)Basimah's (2)true
Copperwood box with a silver claspQuick Bite (2)true
Copperwood cigar box with a domed lidRaven's Court VIP Suitetrue
Copperwood crossbow inlaid with coral along the stockAkigwe's Legacy: Secrets of the Towertrue
Copperwood diviner's kit set with an abstract seordstone sunGuildfest 398 Auctiontrue
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