Bard Guildhall (Riverhaven)

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This Bard Guildhall is found N, NE, NE from the Riverhaven meeting portals.


[Bards' Guild, Foyer]
The large antechamber with its vaulted ceiling and cream walls is warm and welcoming, giving bards and their visitors a place to shake off the weather. Cloak hooks of polished brass dot the walls at various heights and reed mats protect the grey-blue of the slate floor from muddy boots. A scarlet banner moves softly in the air above the tall archway at the far end of the foyer.
Obvious exits: east, west, out.

  • The archway here is for Bards and their guests only.

Guildmaster's Office

[Bards' Guild, Guildmaster's Office]
This niche off the Great Hall still shows signs of its original purpose as a storage area. Warm hooked rugs scattered on the floor and bright woven hangings on the wall can only soften the ragged scars in the stone where casks and crates were once stacked. Tucked rather awkwardly in the corner, a heavy desk vies for room with an iron pot-bellied stove.
You also see the Guildleader Tasdrean and a renown scroll.
Obvious exits: west.

Performance Hall

[Bards' Guild, Performance Hall]
A grand black and white marbled arch stands at one end of this immense room. The walls are covered in rich purple tapestries to reduce echo but not so much as to remove the open ambiance of the area. An orchestra pit with room for a dozen musicians sits in front of the deobar wood stage that caters to bards from every corner of the land. To the side you see the door to the rehearsal room.
You also see a brass urn.
Obvious exits: east.

Rehearsal Room (door)

[Bards' Guild, Rehearsal Room]
Barely larger than a closet, the wood-paneled room provides a place for bards to warm up before tackling the more imposing atmosphere of the performance hall. Only a music stand is in the middle of the otherwise empty floor.
You also see a door.
Obvious exits: none.

Patron's Lounge (arch)

[Bards' Guild, Patron's Lounge]
A dozen flambeaus cast pools of light across the malachite tile of the floor. The style and decor of the lounge offers comfort for the bard and sufficient pretentiousness to impress the potential client. Leather chairs sit ready to coddle rich bodies while inlaid tables snuggle nearby to insure that elegant manicures don't strain to reach glasses of port. Surrounded on two sides by a screen carved from scented woods, each chair sits facing a long-legged stool and matching music stand.
You also see a marbled arch.
Obvious exits: none.