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General information

Twohanded Blunt weapons are an extremely powerful class of weapons that demand high strength from the user, and reward it greatly. Some twohanded blunt weapons can hit from pole range, and most do at least severe impact damage. The advent of forging has allowed players to create twohanded blunt weapons with a vast range of weights and styles, and today they are more popular than ever.

The weapon mostly enjoys popularity with Barbarians, but changes to roundtime have opened the door for weaker characters to use heavier weapons. Thanks to their high impact and strength suitability, they have a tendency to stun and knock down enemies more often than other weapons, though their major failing is poor balance and almost no puncture or slice damage, leaving them less effective for parrying and damaging creatures with a high degree of natural armor.

Spells and abilities that boost Twohanded Blunt

Spells and abilities that decrease Twohanded Blunt


Guild-specific sbilities

  • Barbarians can WHIRLWIND with any pole or melee weapon. This will attack all targets within range of their chosen weapon (melee or pole), including hidden targets. Hidden targets will be pulled from hiding if hit by whirlwind. WHIRL can also be used on one's self or another to free the target from webbing. Requirements: 350 in the weapon skill and 32 agility.
  • Barbarians and Paladins can parry ranged weapons inside the range of the weapon they are holding.

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