Chant command

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CHANT <text>. Separate each line by a semicolon. For example:

 CHANT The wind was a torrent of darkness;Among the gusty trees...

Others will see:

 [Character] chants in a [voice type] voice:
   "The wind was a torrent of darkness
    Among the gusty trees..."

Unlike with the SING command, you cannot alter your chanting with emotes such as "wistfully" or "angrily".

Vocal Ranges

All characters are randomly assigned a chanting voice type (within the range dictated by race and gender), such as soprano, alto, or tenor. You can check your natural voice type with the PRACTICE VOICE command.

Bards with sufficient Vocals skill have access to all voice types for their gender regardless of race and can change their voice types at will with the PRACTICE VOICE <type> command. Non-Bards cannot change their voice types.

Usage Note

Using this command to draw attention to yourself (e.g., to sell something or ask for healing) is considered disruptive and may be abuse.

Bardic Enchantes

This command can also be used by Bards to start certain enchantes. Some enchantes specifically require chanting. Syntax:


Moon Mage Cantrips

This command can also be used by Moon Mages to activate their cantrips. Syntax: