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The Primary Magic skill (also known as PM or simply Primary) determines in part how much power you can put into a spell without backfiring. It provides a small bonus to your Augmentation skill, Debilitation skill, Targeted Magic skill, Utility skill, or Warding skill whenever you cast any Analogous Patterns spell or a spell of your magic type.

It is replaced by Sorcery skill when casting Sorcery or a spell not of your magic type.

Your magic type and the corresponding name of your Primary Magic skill is different depending on your guild.

Guild Skill Name Mana Type
Barbarian Inner Fire skill None
Bard Elemental Magic skill Elemental
Cleric Holy Magic skill Holy
Empath Life Magic skill Life
Moon Mage Lunar Magic skill Lunar
Necromancer Arcane Magic skill Necromatic
Paladin Holy Magic skill Holy
Ranger Life Magic skill Life
Thief Inner Magic skill None
Trader Inner Magic skill Lunar
Warrior Mage Elemental Magic skil Elemental

Outside teaching issues, the skill works the same for all guilds.

Spells and abilities that boost Primary Magic

Spells and abilities that decrease Primary Magic


Attempting to teach someone using a different form of skill, such as a Lunar Magic caster teaching an Elemental Magic user, will result instead in the learning of the Sorcery skill. Teaching within mana types will teach the skill, even if the teacher and student are different guilds, such as a Bard teaching a Warrior Mage.

Magic users cannot teach this skill to non-magic users.


In general, PM is learned best from casting higher tier (thus more difficult) spells without full preparation, especially when straining your ability (i.e. near backfiring).

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