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In DragonRealms, adventurers may choose membership in one of eleven guilds which are currently active.

  • Barbarians are masters of combat who disdain magic.
  • Bards are talented entertainers who weave powerful magics through their enchantes.
  • Clerics are the messengers of the Immortals and weavers of holy magic.
  • Empaths are the healers of flesh, capable of mending the most grievous of wounds.
  • Moon Mages are watchers of the heavens and manipulators of fate.
  • Necromancers are perverse individuals who use the bodies of the fallen to further their wishes.
  • Paladins are protectors of the weak and defenders of the faith.
  • Rangers are masterful woodsmen who are most at home in the wilderness.
  • Thieves are guttersnipes well-versed in the arts of stealth and relieving the careless of their coin.
  • Traders specialize in acquiring and selling goods at a considerable profit throughout Elanthia.
  • Warrior Mages command the six elements and may summon familiars to do their bidding.

  • Commoners are adventurers who have not yet chosen a guild.

Comparisons At a Glance

Guild Armor Weapon Magic Survival Lore Magic? Mana Skill F2P? New Player
Barbarian secondary primary tertiary secondary tertiary no expertise yes Barbarian guide
Paladin primary secondary tertiary tertiary secondary yes holy asceticism2 yes Paladin guide
Ranger secondary secondary tertiary primary tertiary yes life scouting yes Ranger guide
Thief tertiary secondary tertiary primary secondary no backstab yes Thief guide
Cleric tertiary secondary primary tertiary secondary yes holy theurgy yes Cleric guide
Warrior Mage tertiary secondary primary tertiary secondary yes elemental summoning yes Warrior Mage guide
Bard tertiary secondary secondary tertiary primary yes elemental bardic lore yes Bard guide
Trader secondary tertiary tertiary secondary primary no1 lunar trading no Trader guide
Necromancer tertiary tertiary secondary primary secondary yes arcane thanatology no Necromancer guide
Moon Mage tertiary tertiary primary secondary secondary yes lunar astrology yes Moon Mage guide
Empath tertiary tertiary secondary secondary primary yes life empathy no Empath guide
Commoner secondary secondary secondary secondary secondary no yes General guide
  1. Traders will eventually become magic users.
  2. This skill has not been released, so its name and functionality are subject to change.



As indicated above, every guild in DragonRealms has one primary skillset, two secondary skillsets and two tertiary skillsets.

The main consequence of skillset placement is to determine how quickly you can learn skills. Skills within your guild's primary skill set are learned the fastest, while skills within the tertiary skillset are learned the slowest. Skillset placement can also give you access to certain "perks." Lastly, skillset placement is factored into each guild's circle requirements.

For more details, see Skillsets.


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