Bard Guildhall (Muspar'i)

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This Bard Guildhall is found near the Heketha Theatre and the Street of Performers in Muspar'i, and is kept by the Bard Leader Selinthesa.

[Bards' Guild, Foyer]
Soft, even light bathes the foyer, given off by a shimmering portal in the center of the north wall. A large tapestry hangs beside a tall statue of a S'Kra Mur Bard, her mouth open in song and one arm reaching out toward the colorful fabric. To the east, an ornate door stands open.
You also see a guild register.
Obvious exits: out.

  • Bard-only portal to additional rooms

[Bards' Guild, Guildleader's Office]
A large curved desk is positioned to face visitors entering the office of the Guildleader. Several worn benches and chairs line the walls for students to wait or assemble for an impromptu class. Just inside the doorway, a glass display rests on a scorched iron tripod.
You also see a renown scroll, an ornate walnut door and the Bard Leader Selinthesa.
Obvious exits: none.