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Status: Alive
Guild: Bard
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Riverhaven (Ranik Map 30)
Type: guild leader

One of the Songsworn protectors of the Bards' Guild. He stepped in to fill the shoes of Guild Leader Ezruh following an attack on the latter by the Hounds of Rutilor in the spring of 399 AV.


Tasdrean is a Human man of average build. His crystal green eyes seem older than his years, as if they have seen far more than his easy demeanor suggests. A toned body, noticable even under his casual garb, gives evidence that he has done far more than teaching music and minding the records necessary for his position. He occasionally fingers a Blood Knot with an amethyst at its heart, often with a distant gaze as he does so. The hilt of a longsword is visible in his scabbard, and there is little doubt he has the strength and agility to wield it.


You see Songsworn Tasdrean, a Human Bard.
Tasdrean has crystal green eyes. His black hair is short and straight, and is worn loose. He has tanned skin.
He is mature for a Human.
He is clean shaven.

He is wearing an enameled flask in bard-blue with ivory and gold embellishments, some mail gloves, a chain balaclava, a platinum kyanite gwethdesuan, a platinum jadeite gwethdesuan, a pewter pendant with a small amethyst in the center of its Blood Knot, a deep black hooded cloak with a polished silver panther clasp, a large case, a light crossbow, an ebony journey pack, a full-sleeved linen shirt, some double chain mail, a glittering crystal ring inset with precious gemstones, a carved crystal pick set with a star sapphire, a leather scabbard, some fitted black suede trousers, a sleek crocodile thigh quiver and some black riding boots.

Bard Introduction Speech

Tasdrean nods at you. "All right, you sound like you are sure! Let's get down to work so you can become a bard and have all the real fun!"

For 19 moon cycles you train with Tasdrean, learning all he can teach you and all you are willing to learn. You hear the heroics of men and women long gone, and learn the lore of Lanival, along with other myriad tales. One day, he places a hand on your shoulder and says, "It's time. I've taught you all I can for the most part. But now, stay and listen so that I may impart some final wisdom to you."

"Well, Vithlaf," he says, "I've enjoyed talking with you, but it's time I sent you on your way. Let's talk about what you do from here...."

"First, I'll be teaching you a song once we're done talking. There'll be more in the future. When the proper time comes, we'll impart this knowledge to you, but not until then."

"You should also know that your instrument is your life, in many ways. It will be the vessel for your magic for some songs. I recommend that you learn the stringed instrument skill for now, since many songs shall depend upon it."

"Fatigue, concentration, skill, and remaining true to bardic ways will ensure that you are successful in your life. You will find soon that there are scrolls for sale at local shops from which you may learn common songs and that, eventually, when you are older, you will be able to teach these songs to other bards." Tasdrean smiles at you.

"Now to start yourself off right," Tasdrean says, "make sure you find yourself some armor suited to you and a good weapon if you have not already. You can give your current body armor and weapon to Sir Robyn -- he's wandering around the city -- and he might have something to exchange that you'd prefer [GIVE (item) TO ROBYN]. Get an instrument too -- a lyre is a good stringed instrument to start with. The peddler who travels around the city has inexpensive instruments available for sale [ASK PEDDLER ABOUT INSTRUMENT]."

Tasdrean says, "You've got a decent tenor voice, Vithlaf, but it won't become your ally if you don't use it and practice. You'll find after singing too much that you'll need to get a drink and rest your voice. This happens to all bards and offers a chance to listen to others rather than yourself."

"Before you leave, I will teach you one enchante of your choosing. Simply ASK me ABOUT MAGIC in order to see those you may learn, but be warned that once I teach you one of these enchantes, you will need to gain more in skill and strength before you are able to learn another."

"Get going now," Tasdrean says. "Next time I see you -- if you've heeded my advice -- you'll be ready to move onward."