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Debilitation is a supernatural/magic skill introduced in Magic 3.0, which governs your ability to reduce the capabilities of others without causing direct damage to cause negative status effects. Success is determined via a stat contest. Debilitation is trained in combat, by casting spells on enemies utilizing skill caps comparable with other combat skills.

Spells and abilities that boost Debilitation

Spells and abilities that decrease Debilitation

Abilities that train Debilitation

Barbarian Abilities

Barbarian Abilities
Anger the EarthroarBalance damageHorde1
Death's Embraceroar-Melee accuracy, -Ranged accuracyHorde1
Death's Shriekroar-Defensive Factor, applied to blocking with a shield only, possibly drops to knees.Flame2
area of effect
-Balance, knockdown, pulsing AoE, triggers upgraded WhirlwindHorde3
Everild's Rageroar-Defensive Factor, applied to evasion onlyPredator2
Kuniyo's StrikeroarStun and possible knockback.Predator3
Mage's Lashroar-Primary Magic skill, chance to interrupt a spell being prepared.Flame2
Mana Tormentroar-Attunement poolFlame3
Screech of Madnessroar-Discipline (stat), -Reflex (stat)Flame1
Serpent's HissroarMakes enemies flee the room.Horde2
Slash the Shadowsroar-Stealth skill, Knock out of hiding.Predator3
Wail of TormentroarImmobilize.Horde2

Bard Abilities

Bard Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Aether Wolves0-Attunement pool regeneration, Immobilizesbattle2
Albreda's Balm250AOE calm.cyclic1
Damaris' Lullaby10-Agility (stat), -Reflex (stat), -Strength (stat), Sleeps the target you are facing.cyclic2
Demrris' Resolve10Area effect stun and knockdown.battle2
Desert's Maelstrom250-Discipline (stat), Balance damagebattle3
Misdirection80+Stealth skill, -Perception skill, Buff is self only, Debuff is AoEbattle2

Cleric Abilities

Cleric Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Curse of Zachriedek80This curse weakens and destablizes the target creature's armor and weapons.battle2
Halo250Impact damage, Electrical damage, Damages undead. Pole/Melee range knockback/stun.battle3
Huldah's Pall10Prevents spellcasting.battle2
Hydra Hex250AoE cyclic version of Malediction or Curse of Zachriedek.cyclic2
Idon's Theft250Steal a spell from target allowing you to cast it.battle3
Malediction80-Defensive Factor, -Offensive Factorbattle2
Meraud's Cry80Spirit damage, drains caster's spirit only, AoE offensive dispel.battle2
Phelim's Sanction80Cursed/Undead-only AoE stun.battle1
Soul Bonding10Prevents advancing, retreating, and leaving the room. Prepares corpses for Resurrection.battle1
Soul Sickness10Immobilizes and forces kneeling.battle2
Spite of Dergati250Prevents all spell casting in the area.battle4

Empath Abilities

Empath Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Compel80forces target to leave roombattle1
Lethargy10-Agility (stat), -Reflex (stat), Fatigue damagebattle3
Nissa's Binding80puts targets to sleep, AoEbattle2

Moon Mage Abilities

Moon Mage Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Calm0Single target calmbattle1
Dazzle10Stuns targetbattle2
Mental Blast250Nerve damage, Stun, sleep, disarm. Single target.battle3
Mind Shout250Nerve damage, AoE stun, sleep, disarm.battle3
Rend10dispel 2 effects, self-cast or targetedbattle2
Sever Thread10latent triggered immobilization, mental link to PCstandard2
Shadow Web80+No buffs, -No debuffs, AOE webbingbattle
Sleep10single target sleepbattle2
Sovereign Destiny80-Discipline (stat), -Intelligence (stat), -Wisdom (stat), removes predictions, blocks access to Plane of Probabilitybattle2
Tangled Fate10alters single prediction (stuns if more than one)standard2
Tezirah's Veil80gives random predictions; fills prediction pools.battle2

Necromancer Abilities

Necromancer Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Heighten Pain0Damage amplifierbattle1
Petrifying Visions10Causes immobilization.battle2
Rite of Forbearance80Reduced attunement when casting, freezes attunement regen, spells pierce integrity barrierscyclic1
Viscous Solution80AOE immobilization.standard2
Visions of Darkness80-Perception skill, -Wisdom (stat)battle2

Paladin Abilities

Paladin Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Halt10immobilizes targetbattle2
Shatter10-Shield Usage skill, possibly disable shield defense entirelybattle2
Stun Foe0Stuns targetbattle1

Ranger Abilities

Ranger Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Curse of the Wilds250-Defensive Factor, -Melee accuracy, -Ranged accuracybattle3
Deadfall10Stuns or knocks out targetbattle2
Devolve80-Agility (stat), -Charisma (stat), -Discipline (stat), -Intelligence (stat), -Reflex (stat), -Stamina (stat), -Strength (stat), -Wisdom (stat), debuffs top two onlybattle2
Grizzly Claws80knock-back/knock-downbattle2
Harawep's Bonds10webs target (re-triggers on escape)battle2
Swarm80-Perception skill, -Stealth skill, reveals hidden targetbattle2

Thief Abilities

Thief Abilities
Ambush Choke-Stamina (stat), Fatigue damage1
Ambush CloutConcentration damage, pulsing drain, causes loss of prepared spell2
Ambush Screen-Perception skill, random roundtimes to all engaged targets on success.2
Ambush SlashPrevents the target from retreating or moving for a short period along with dropping the target to their knees on top success.2
Ambush StunCauses head damage and variable duration stun dependent on success.2
Khri CredenceTier 4Calm all engaged targets.Finesse2
Khri EliminateTier 3Attacks using Small Edged weapons ignore enemy's armor and shield. Lasts about 10 seconds.Potency2
Khri GuileTier 4-Evasion skill, all engaged targets.Finesse2
Khri IntimidateTier 3Prevents engagementPotency1
Khri ProwessTier 3-Tactics skill, -Reflex (stat), -Offensive Factor, Tactics is PvP only, OF is PvE onlyPotency2
Khri TerrifyTier 2Single target immobilize.Potency2

Trader Abilities

Trader Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Avren Aevareae80+Thievery skill, +Stealth skill, +Light, -Thievery skill, -Stealth skillstandard2
Fluoresce0Damage Enhancerbattle1

Warrior Mage Abilities

Warrior Mage Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Anther's Call10-Evasion skillbattle2
Arc Light10Causes a stunbattle2
Electrostatic Eddy80Nerve damage, AoE, Chance to pull from hiding.cyclic2
Frostbite80-Stamina (stat), Fatigue damage, knocks downbattle2
Ice Patch10knock down, immobilizebattle2
Mark of Arhat10Fire damage, Dealt every time target is struck by any source of elemental damage.battle1
Thunderclap80AoE stunbattle2
Tingle80-Agility (stat), -Reflex (stat), Target drops held weapon/shieldbattle3
Tremor80Balance damage, possible knock-down or knock-back, pulsesbattle2
Vertigo80-Offensive Factor, Balance damage, possible knock-down, pulsing.battle3
Ward Break10Spell Barrier dispel (Shear, Soldier's Prayer, etc.)battle2


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