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General information

Light Thrown includes rocks, throwing daggers, and all manner of other weapons and miscellaneous objects under a certain size that can be thrown.

Thrown weapons are unusual in that they do not use standard ranged weapon calculations. Rather, they use melee calculations. This sets them apart from standard ranged weapons but also causes some problems, making them more susceptible to shield and armor than standard ranged weapons. However, light thrown is still an extremely powerful weapon class, able to dish out worthy damage. Additionally, some of the loss in standard performance is made up by light thrown's versatility. The skill can be used as a multi-pronged attack (throwing blades), a magical aid (throwing naphtha to severely increase the damage from fire-based attacks), disabler (dirt thrown to lower perception) or a standard attack.

Light Thrown currently encompasses throwing darts, knives, clubs, mallets, axes, and daggers. Weapons that do not appraise as throwing weapons and that weigh less than 25 stones can also be thrown using your light thrown skill. You can also throw some small objects which do not appraise as weapons (such as rocks), and several items which are not weapons, but use the light thrown skill to calculate success, such as naphtha and dirt.

Spells and abilities that boost Light Thrown

Spells and abilities that decrease Light Thrown


Guild-specific abilities

  • Warrior Mages have the ability to create a very powerful light thrown weapon via the Fist of Stone spell. At maximum mana (and when strengthened by cantrips) the stone fist has wonderful damage potential for a light thrown weapon.
  • Thieves have special ambush moves that utilize dirt to lower the perception of their victim, give them random roundtimes, and pull them from hiding.

Recommended weapons

Throwing blade feats

The throwing blades sold in the Shard survivalist shop (as well as by some festival merchants) are capable of being throw in multiples, up to five. The number of blades one may throw at once is determined by your guild and ranks in Light Thrown, as illustrated by these charts courtesy of DR-Oolan (source).

For Barbarians, Bards, and Thieves:
LT Ranks Minimum # of blades thrown Maximum # of blades thrown
0-74 1 1
75-149 1 2
150-224 1 3
225-299 2 4
300-374 3 5
375-449 4 5
450+ 5 5
And for all other guilds:
LT Ranks Minimum # of blades thrown Maximum # of blades thrown
0-99 1 1
100-199 1 2
200-299 1 3
300-399 2 4
400-499 3 5
500-599 4 5
600+ 5 5

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Throwing Dirt

Dirt can be foraged and thrown by any player, regardless of guild.

This must be done from melee range. Dirt can be in the right hand (simply 'throw') or the left ('throw left'). It will give a perception penalty to the single enemy effected.

Sweeping your hand in a wide arc, you fling a cloud of dirt straight at the ship's rat's face! The ship's rat seems taken by surprise by the cloud of expanding dust! Swirling brown dust envelops the ship's rat's face. As it dissipates, it seems disoriented. Roundtime: 2 sec.

Thieves have a pair of ambushes, Ambush Screen and Ambush Choke which use dirt.