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Male and Female Dwarves Description

If hard-headedness had a physical manifestation, it would be the Dwarf. Their lack of physical dexterity is a mirror of their stubborn nature and iron will. Dwarves are remarkably pessimistic compared to the other two "height challenged" races (Gnomes and Halflings). What they lack in sunny disposition, however, they make up for in stamina and discipline.

While not overly concerned with appearance, the growth and grooming of ones beard is of such import that it has become not just a symbol of dignity and pride for the owner, but it can be a recognized symbol of status among the more organized dwarven societies. Because the beards of females do not grow as thick or long as males, they adopted the art of intertwining thin threads of precious metals and beaded gems into their beard. This practice is most common among those females seeking a mate.

Dwarves are adept at fighting and, despite their cynicism, carousing. Their love for strong spirits is as powerful and profound as the offensive odors that Dwarves are known to generate; it is the unwise person who gets between a Dwarf and his or her ale. Dwarves have a lifespan to rival that of the Elven species, a fact that may be accredited to the theory that the gods created the Dwarves from the very bones of the earth.

Character Creation

The Dwarf figurine speaks: "From the bones of the earth did the gods form us, the Dwarves, children of the mountains and the hardiest of all the sentient creations. What we lack in agility and height we make up for in strength and stamina. We are steadfast, enduring, and fatigue rarely troubles us. The earth cradles us; it is where we prefer to make our homes. When we set ourselves on a path none can sway us -- other than ourselves."

You regard the form of the Dwarf figurine. Short and wide, a long beard descends from its face in many curls and braids. The eyes regard you unflinchingly, without fear or regret. Strength and power reside in this form.

Physical Characteristics

Statistic Starting TDP Mod Characteristics
Strength 10 0 General - Both sexes live on average to 400 years in age, with 500 years considered long-lived.
Reflex 8 +1 Males and Females both have beards, but male beards tend to be much thicker.
Agility 8 +1 The average gestation period is 8.5 months.
Charisma 10 0
Discipline 12 -1 Males stand from 4'5" to 5'5" in height.
Wisdom 10 0
Intelligence 10 0 Females are somewhat shorter and lighter than their male counterparts. They stand between 4' to 5'.
Stamina 12 -1

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