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Skinning is a Survival skill used to harvest pieces of slain creatures. The resulting treasure can be sold to fur traders for coin, or used in various creation systems.

Spells and abilities that boost Skinning

Spells and abilities that decrease Skinning



Skinning is performed primarily via the SKIN command.

If you're wearing a belt worn knife, it will automatically be used to skin without taking it out, as long as you have one free hand. This makes it less tedious to skin while in combat, as you no longer have to switch weapons.

Training strategy

You can learn skinning simply by holding an edged weapon in one hand and attempting to SKIN <creature>. Scraping a pelt, skin or hide with a hide scraper also teaches skinning as well. This used to teach Mechanical Lore as well, but no longer does. Fish caught via Fishing may also be scraped in this manner. Tending bloodsuckers also teaches some skinning.

Agility, Intelligence and Discipline are the stats that factor into skinning. Results from skinning may be improved by using light edged weapons, skinning knives in particular, and by kneeling before the creature you are attempting to skin.

The size of the weapon used to skin matters for all guilds except Rangers. Using a skinning knife gives the largest bonus, closely followed by the belt worn knives. All other weapons, include other types of knives, are merely rated based on their size.

ARRANGE is now available to all guilds, though Rangers are best at it. There are the Leather Tanning Expertise technique in the Tailoring discipline and Basic Bone Collecting technique in the Carving discipline that both grant the ability to ARRANGE ALL in addition to providing a bonus to the quality of harvested skins and bones respectively.

If a creature is arranged the maximum amount, it is guaranteed to yield perfect skin *if* the skinner has the skill to obtain it.

Additional notes

  • Skin value is based off of creature level.
  • Skin difficulty is based off of creature level. Different messaging is received based on the success of the skinning attempt. From best to worst:
  • These require some amount of arranging to accomplish:
    • Moving with impressive skill and grace, you effortlessly retrieve a perfect (part/skin/bone) from the (creature).
    • Your (skinning tool) moves as a fluid extension of your hand, harnessed to your single-minded drive for a (creature) (part/skin/bone). Skill and dexterity combine to yield up a nearly flawless (creature) (part/skin/bone).
    • You skillfully peel the (creature) (part/skin/bone) off a/an (creature).
  • These can be accomplished without arranging:
    • With preternatural poise, you work loose a sterling example of a (part/skin/bone) from the (creature) carcass.
    • Working deftly, you skillfully remove a (part/skin/bone) from the remains of a (creature). The task is difficult, but the rewards are worth it.
    • You slice away a bloody trophy from the dripping flesh that was a (creature), gaining a superior (part/skin/bone) for your efforts.
    • You work diligently at skinning an (creature), peeling the (creature) (part/skin/bone) away from the oozing flesh beneath it.
    • You work hard at peeling the (part/skin/bone) away from the bloody carcass of the (creature), managing to get it without too much damage or splashing of gore.
    • You skin an (creature) fairly well, getting a decent quality (creature) (part/skin/bone) only slightly tainted with gore and fluids from the carcass.
    • You struggle with the (creature) and manage to remove the (part/skin/bone). Blood soaks into it badly though, nearly ruining it.
    • With immense difficulty, you just barely pry the (part/skin/bone) from the (creature). You're certain that wasn't at all how it was supposed to go, though.

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