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The Arcana skill (formerly known as Magical Devices) represents the character's academic knowledge of the concepts of magic. While some applications of this knowledge still requires Attunement (for example, memorizing a spell scroll), the skill itself is purely knowledge based and does not presume any magical talent on the character's part. As such, most non-magic users (NMUs) can freely learn and teach it. While the NMU uses of Arcana will be slowly opened to Barbarians, please note that as an expression of your guild disadvantage, you may face penalties for being versed in Arcana. (this has never been implemented for Barbarians and most likely, never will - Rhadyn)

Knowledge of Arcana allows the user to manipulate items imbued with magical energy, such as cambrinth, runestones, constellation jewelry, and wands. Other devices may be found in the Magical Items category.[1]

Spells and abilities that boost Arcana

Spells and abilities that decrease Arcana



  • 0 to 54 ranks - Runestones can be focused repeatedly to train arcana and possibly the sorcery skill. The more difficult the spell, the greater the experience.
  • 0+ ranks - Cambrinth is the main Arcana trainer. It can be trained right from 0 ranks using cambrinth with a capacity of 1 mana available for purchase at the Crossing magic shop. For best training practices see the Cambrinth page.
  • INVOKEing a spell scroll provides a large amount of Arcana experience.
  • STUDYing a spell scroll provides an extremely large amount of Arcana experience.
  • Sanowret crystals

Skill Feats

Rank Feat
1 to 108+ 100% efficiency charging and invoking cambrinth. 100% efficiency is reached when your skill equals the mana capacity of the cambrinth you are using.
50 Able to identify basic-tier runestones of non-native mana types.
80 Able to invoke Ritual foci. The Arcana requirement depends on the spell, not the focus, and can be much higher than this.
102 to 316+ Able to charge cambrinth while it is worn with one hand free. Required skill ranks is 100+2*capacity.
150 Able to utilize wands and rods.
200 Able to focus mana into rods and wands, increasing their effectiveness. Can reliably activate minor-grade enchantments.
500 Can reliably activate lesser-grade enchantments.
1,000 Can reliably activate greater-grade enchantments.
1,500 Can reliably activate major-grade enchantments.


  • INVOKing a specific amount from cambrinth using INVOKE <CAMBRINTH> <MANA>. More mana requires more skill. Failures will result in a different amount of mana being invoked.
  • Increasing the time between being warned that a link to cambrinth is about to drop[2]
  • Arcana is the major skill for both hiding and detecting preparations, modified by Stealth skill or Perception skill as appropriate.[3]

Guild Specific Uses


  • Reduces interaction time with Osrel Meraud orb.
    • Allows the Cleric to place more spells into the OM orb.

Moon Mage

Warrior Mage

Magical feats

  • Dedicated Cambrinth Use allows cambrinth to be set to drain for only cyclic spells, only standard casts, or both. By default it drains for both.


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